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CIM Sri Lanka networking event concludes on a high note

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Sri Lanka hosted its second Networking Event for the year with key cricket icons - Cricket Superstar Aravinda De Silva, Ranjit Fernando, Cricket Commentator Roshan Abeysinghe and Cricket Administrator Mohan De Silva.

The event focused on sportsmanship and fair play associated with cricket and was followed by fellowship. The networking event was organized exclusively for CIM Members.

Expressing their informal views on what currently ails the nation’s much loved game, Ranjit Fernando stated that the present team of very young cricketers is not exposed to the extent their predecessors have been exposed and therefore the young players have to be nurtured and given more time.

Adding to the same thought, Aravinda De Silva stated that it is important to understand how to build a good team as well as good leaders and just like in a corporate business, the concepts in cricket also have changed. Therefore it is important to give the young players time to understand each other’s strengths and learn from their mistakes.

Furthermore Mohan De Silva commented, “We are going through a period of transition but there are other contradictory factors as well. Our key players had a spate of injuries. There’s a gamut of things to be considered and we have the system in place now and are confident of what we’re doing.”

An animated Q&A session moderated by Roshan Abeysinghe followed with eager queries and observations from the audience about the current style and status of the current pool of cricketers in the national team. The consensus that emerged was that the performance of our young team can be streamlined using tried and tested strategies that have worked for the Sri Lankan teams in the past.

The event concluded on a high note and the fellowship and camaraderie after the event facilitated further networking among CIM members.

CIM is the largest community of professional marketers in the world with 100 years of heritage delivering education, membership and insight offerings to the marketing and sales profession. CIM Sri Lanka is the first international branch of CIM UK comprising the largest number of members, both students and professional members.

As the leading professional body for Marketing, CIM places great emphasis in bringing together programmes that are topical and relevant targeting members and the entire business community. 


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