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Petition against cruelty against dogs, cats fixed for support

A public interest litigation seeking an interim order, directing the Inspector General of Police and relevant authorities to take immediate and effective measures to prevent the killing, murder, maiming, abusing or any other cruelty against dogs and cats was yesterday fixed for support by Supreme Court.

Twenty nine individuals including 25 monks had filed this fundamental rights petition through President’s Counsel Sanjeewa Jayawardena with counsel Charitha Rupasinghe and counsel Sandamali Chandrasekara.

The petitioners cited the Inspector General of Police, Vice Chancellor of the Jayawardenapura University and 36 other parties as respondents.

A three-judge-bench comprising Justice Buwaneka Aluvihare, Justice Priyantha Jayawardena and Justice Nalin Perera fixed the matter for support on October 13.

The petitioners stated that there has been an exponential, proliferation of the killing of dogs, within state institutions, public property, streets and other public places, under the control, supervision and over-arching administration of state and executive functionaries, which has reached alarming and chilling proportions, and which has resulted in a massive, concerted public outcry and public outburst against such unmitigated brutality, and inhumaneness.

The Petitioners stated that according to Buddhism, every living being has the right to life and the right to live without suffering, at the hands of another. The first precept in Buddhism is “I shall not Kill”. Lord Buddha, during his life time and through many of the JAHAKA KATHA, has postulated the reverence and sanctity and the premium that has to be placed on life itself, be it the life of a human or the life of an animal.

The Petitioners further state that the close link between man and the dog, being man’s best friend, is not only a bond that has been recognized by Buddhism (with several of the JATHAKA KATHA using a dog as an example), but is a bond that has been in existence from prehistoric times and is celebrated throughout the world (which is evident from animal welfare laws of Europe, India).

There are various documented and undocumented incidents and accounts of such phenomena, which are being highlighted and fortunately coming to light, as a result of a well mobilised public opinion, being galvanized against these utterly condemnable, and unlawful actions on the part of these state and executive functionaries.


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