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Virginity for sale

Sex, is important, undoubtedly, as we had already mentioned in one of our earlier articles. But, it seems, that the desperation for sex has reached a whole new level in this case, where an 18-year-old Ukrainian student offered to sell her virginity.

The student said she will sell her virginity to a ‘real man’ in a local newspaper, because she is in desperate need for £1,500.

According to a news published in The Daily Mail, Yulia, the teenager, told a paper in south east Ukraine’s Melitopol, “'Sooner or later I will have to say goodbye to it. So it is better to do it this way than at some drunken party.”

Interestingly her advertisement named ‘Virginity for Sale’ appears alongside those seeking buyers for alarm clocks, antiques and businesses.

The advert reads, “Lovely girl, 18 years old, a student. Will give my virginity to a serious man who offers me financial assistance of 50,000 hryvnia (£1,500). The meeting will take place in Melitopol only at a place of my choice.”

The teenager went on to add that she needed the money for a good cause and not for entertainment or to waste. Candidates were told to call her on Skype.

According to the girl, she had boyfriends but kept her virginity.

The newspaper Torbinka said it was the first time they had carried an advertisement selling virginity.

The Daily Mail


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