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Jazz galore

In line with The Sooriya Village vision of bridging the space between true artistry and the general public, they bring you the famed London based Russian jazz musician Zhenya Strigalev who will be playing live at The Sooriya Village on September 16 at7.30 pm.

Zhenya is considered a maverick in jazz for his unique style and ingenuity in his music, his willingness to bend the rules. His time in Colombo will be spent teaching and playing, sharing his magic with the rest of us. All jazz and music enthusiasts, welcome!

Zhenya Strigalev , at the age of 17 won “The Best Saxophonist” award in a popular jazz competition in St Petersburg. He then started performing consistently at many European, Russian and UK festivals. He graduated from The Royal Academy of Music and started spending more and more time between the London and New York jazz scenes. He has worked with some of today’s most forward thinking musicians including Mat Garrison, Chris “Daddy” Dave, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Joseph “Foley” McCreary from Miles Davis fame, Alex Sipiagin, Taylow Eigsti etc. He has performed extensively in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Britain, India, Switzerland , Peru , Chile.

Zhenya arrived in London with only his saxophone and nothing much else, least of all money. His work ethic and talent, his tenacity propelled him to where he is today and is now considered one of the most exciting young jazz musicians in London. He has six albums under his name and he seems to have reached a new level of artistic maturity with his new album Never Group.

Zhenya will play from his own creation of instrument called the Alto Box where he makes unique jazzy sounds from a saxophone built in what appears to be a box.

Come be wowed on the night of 16th September, as the Sun goes down and fairy lights twinkle while smooth jazz is heard through The Sooriya Village gardens.


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