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Brazil bids farewell to Sri Lankan Ambassador

Ambassador Jayasuriya and Ambassador Georges Lamazire exchanging mementos at the farewell.
Ambassador Jayasuriya and Ambassador Georges Lamazire exchanging mementos at the farewell.

Brazil's External Relations Ministry hosted a farewell reception in honour of the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Brazil General Jagath Jayasuriya on August 24 at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia.

The reception was attended by diplomats from Asian and Latin American countries and representatives from Brazilian Government agencies.

Ambassador Georges Lamazire, General Under-Secretary for Asia and the Pacific of the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil appreciated the tremendous contribution made by the Ambassador Jayasuriya to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Brazil and Sri Lanka.

He further said that the Ambassador Jayasuriya's contribution towards enhancing bilateral relations is very impressive and he emphasised his involvement in developing bilateral trade and cultural relations. He highlighted many trade related activities were initiated by Ambassador Jayasuriya and several trade delegations were also exchanged during his time.

The Ambassador also pointed out that for the first time, Brazilians could see Vesak Festival in Brasilia twice during his tenure, and the Ambassador Jayasuriya made it happen with the assistance of Buddhist countries in Asia.

Ambassador Jayasuriya thanked officials at the External Relations Ministry and all Government authorities both in Central and State Governments for the excellent support given to him during his tenure of service in Brazil.

He also said that during the last two years, the Embassy had organised many programmes in and out of the Capital Brasilia. He further stated that they have had nine major events in commercially important States outside Brasilia which include Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande Sul, Bahia and Goiasa and all the programmes were very successful. 


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Well, Brazil have One of the highest crimes rate in the whole world!! Murders are rampant!!, Yet, they're concerned about a military General from SL who's part of the military eliminated the most ruthless terrorist LTTE terrorist outfit from SL soil !! Brazil should worry about the alarming murders happening in the country!!

Buddhism is religion not appropriate as entertainment in catholic country. Help educate in peace harmony for citizens but by a an ambassador involved in war with his citizens in his country. He should quietly contemplate about the war his role in his. Homeland

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