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Herbal healing!

Kola Kanda is a nutritious homemade potion with remarkable healing properties. Garden Talk speaks to District Agriculture Instructor, Office of the Deputy Provincial Agriculture Director, Ratmalana, Thanuja Jeewandara on this healthy concoction which is easily brewed for daily consumption.

“For a healthy lifestyle, mental and physical fitness is important. But this is not only limited to the food we consume. We need clean air, clean water and nutrients. We get these nutrients through food. With the lifestyles of today’s society we must not be too concerned about its prices or availability. We must choose food that is high in nutritional value – protein and vitamins. For this we can use a home garden.

We can grow vegetables and fruits right here in our home gardens. If we grow vegetables and fruits in our home gardens it will be free from poisonous chemicals and it will be fresh. For the daily consumption a woman needs 1500 – 2000 calories. For a man it is slightly more. This can be done by growing fruits and vegetables in the home garden. Kola Kanda can be made using these home grown plants,” said Jeewandara.

There are many varieties of Kola Kanda. Some are -Hathawariya, Wel Penala, Iramusu, Monarakudumbiya, Polpala, Kohila, Karapincha (curry leaves), Elabatu Kanda, Gotukola, Mukunuwenna

“Kola Kanda can be made immediately and it is high in nutrition. You can see shops selling Kola Kanda in the early morning so that customers can have their daily draught of Kola Kanda. Since it can also be made at home it is readily available and accessible.

Since it can be made at home, it costs very little to prepare this potion. When you compare the varieties of Kola Kanda there are differences in nutrition and there are also differences in results,” stated Jeewandara.

Ingredients used to prepare Kola Kanda

Rice – parboiled rice (high in nutrition) and kekulu rice Leaf extract which provides vitamin (e.g. extracts from Gotukola and Mukunuwenna)Coconut Milk (adds fat)Spices – ginger and white onion (provides nutrients)

Consuming Kola Kanda can give you everything a balanced diet can give you. (To make Kola Kanda, some people without adding rice, add dhal and green grams)

“Hathawariya is a very commonly used variety of Kola Kanda. For this variety in addition to using the leaf extract we use the yams. This variety is high in nutritional value. According to Ayurveda Hathawariya Kanda is good for pregnant mothers when it comes to the milking extraction.

It is also good for the woman’s reproductive system. If you take Wel Penala Kola Kanda it is good for physical health increasing energy. It is good for building strong nerves.

It is also good for combating Arthritis. When it comes to men, it is good for problems related to sexual activity. Iramusu kanda is good for purifying the blood, and increases the sperm count in males. It also helps in menstruation for women. Monarakudumbiya Kanda is good for liver problems.

It is also good for jaundice. Polpala Kanda is good for urinal problems. Kohila Kanda helps the digestive system and is good for constipation. Also it is good for hernia. It helps for all digestive problems. Another popular variety is Karapincha Kanda which is good for cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases.

It is consumed a lot with people with cholesterol problems. Elabatu Kanda is good for respiratory problems. It is also good for skin diseases and chronic and prolonged cough.

Gotukola Kanda is very refreshing and cool. It is good for constipation and gastritis. It is also good if you want to have a long life! Gotukola Kanda helps our memory power as well. Mukunuwanna Kanda is also cool and increases our palatability and helps when it comes to problems with the respiratory system. It is also good for eye problems. It is good for breastfeeding,” explained Jeewandara.

In Sri Lanka when it comes to many people there are health problems related to a protein, iron and iodine deficiency. So Kola Kanda is ideal for these problems.

The solution to this is home gardening which takes care of these problems. So why not drink some Kola Kanda every morning!


It has a positive effect on our physical health while increasing the palatability It prevents constipationIt is good for the skinIt Strengthens our bonesIt Increases immunity in the bodyContains Vitamin, A, E and CIt has a lot of antioxidants

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