* Managing and developing a city

* In consultation with its residents

* Tribute to its people.

Just thought of sharing with the readers of Daily News a great news of, democracy in action, hoping that it would help to build awareness of what is happening in other developed countries around.

It was about a week ago, that every house in Brisbane received this attached notice along with the regular monthly newsletter from the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, a beautiful clean city in the world. I attach the two sides of the small notice that arrived with the newsletter.

The Lord Mayor is inviting the residents to meet him and his civic cabinet to “express the views and discuss issues affecting the community” in every subdivision within his municipality. “The municipality is working with the residents and the local communities to help make our city what it is today” with a long-term vision for the future, states the Lord Mayor.

“Hosting Lord Mayors “Listen Forums”, throughout Brisbane is another way the council is achieving a vision for the city’s future” to ensure that is it heading in the correct direction.

In addition to this, the Municipality is in regular contact with the residents through its periodical newsletter. For instance, I look forward to it, for it is of great use as it is packed with information, of past, current and future events. As a senior, I look for activities around my location to participate.

In our country and in such third world countries democracy is in action only at times of voting and after the election is over those who gain power govern in their own way. There is no opportunity to participate in the running of the Municipality or the nation in general.

That is one reason there are so many protests and demonstrations displaying anger.

These Mayors too belong to political parties. But these newsletters have no mention of the party they belong to, or to express their political views. They look only at the improvement of the city, and the development of the quality of life.

People feel happy when the voted leaders consider the voters important in performing their elected mission. May these views help to change the attitudes of our politics.


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