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Proposal to increase taxes on soft drinks


The set of proposals to increase taxes on soft drinks prepared by WHO was handed over to Health Minister Rajitha Senaratna by WHO resident Representative Dr. Razia Pendse recently.

The proposal was prepared by WHO on a special request made by Minister Senaratna.

Diabetes is spreading among adults and children and 10percent of the population has diabetes. It is said that every year 52,000 healthy lives are lost due to these soft drinks. Consumption of these drinks waste Rs 28 billion a year. Marketing and advertising has resulted in an increase in the consumption of such drinks.

According to the WHO, urban poor consume a lot of soft drinks while they don’t pay attention to consuming fruits and milk which are healthy.

In this set of proposals, the WHO has proposed alternatives in taxing. Under this it is proposed to tax Rs one for each gram of sugar added to a 100 ml soft drink. The minister of health said that he would present it to the cabinet in the future for approval.


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Pasteurised milk too is loaded with sugar to make youth get addicted to it with special flavours. Good to test at random for drugs in these drinks so sickly sweet, ruining the population with diabetes and addiction

Apparently a good idea to prevent diabetes. But it would be enough to note the sugar content on the bottle (the color distinction would be okay, green to red). The citizens are, I think intelligent enough, to recognize this and thus can choose less sugary beverages. A tax increase is, in my opinion, nothing more than another rip off of the citizens.

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