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Sixteen cases against Rajapaksa regime big wigs to High Courts

Sixteen high profile cases filed against 37 people including several big wigs in the previous Rajapaksa regime for alleged misappropriation of state funds and properties amounting to billions of rupees will be taken up for hearing in three High Courts within the next few months.

Among the 37 accused in these cases are former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, former Chief Ministers, five other former Parliamentarians and former Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga.

Also among the accused are former Ministers Mahindannada Aluthgamage and Johnston Fernando, former Chief Minister Prasanna Ranatunga and his wife Maureen Ranatunga, former Provincial Miniser Udaya Gammanpila and former parliamentarian Tiran Alles.

Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya, PC, said indictments had been severed to all the accused in these cases and trial dates had been already fixed.

Four cases against Basil Rajapaksa would be taken up in the Colombo and Gampaha High Court on October 4, October 27, November 8 and November 13 respectively.

They are regarding the donation of Rs.2,500 to Divineguma recipients from the Divineguma Banks (Isurumath Nivahanak), misappropriation of funds utilised to publish almanacs, Department of Divineguma Development, Distribution of GI pipes purchased with Divineguma Funds and building a luxurious house using the money earned in an unexplainable manner.

The other accused in these cases are Kithsiri Ranawaka, Dr. Nihal Jayatilleke, Bandula R.A.A. Ranawaka, C.D. Kaluarachchi, Amitha Kithisiri Ranawake, R.M.M. Gunaratnahamy, and Tirukumaran Nadesan.

 The case against Namal Rajapaksa regarding the purchase of property including Helicorp company with money of which the earning was explained in an inadmissible manner will be taken up in the Colombo High Court on August 31.

The two cases field against Mahindananda Aluthgamage regarding criminal misappropriation of money and purchase of a house in Colombo 7 and money laundering will be taken up on September 15 and November 20.

The case against Johnston Fernando regarding the alleged misappropriation of goods at Sathosa will be heard in the Kurunegala High Court on October 25. The other accused in this case are Nalin Ruwanjeewa and K.M. Mohideen Shakeer.

The case against Prasanna Ranatunge regarding the alleged extortion of Rs.5 million when he was Western Province Chief Minister will come up for heaving in the Colombo High Court on September 23. The other accused in this case are his wife Maureen, Narej Kumar Faric, and Christina Wanigasekera.

The case against former Provincial Council member Udaya Gammanpila regarding an alleged fraud in business shares purchased from Pan Asia Bank which are around 100,000 Australian dollars will be taken up in the Colombo High Court on October 3. The other accused in this case is Sideny Jayasinghe.

The RADA case against former Parliamentarian Tiran Alles will be taken up in the Colombo High Court on October 20.

The other accused in this case are Anton Emil Lakshmi Kanthan, Rohan Saliya Abeysinghe Weerawickramasuriya and Jayantha Dias Samaraseinghe.

The case against former secretary to President Lalith Weeratunga relating to alleged misappropriation of Rs. 600 million at the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission will be taken up for further hearing on August 24. The other accused in this case is Anusha Pelpita.

The case against Kithsen Bandaranayake, W.S. Susantha, Kingsley Chandana and Dumindu Chathuranga Silva relating to alleged misappropriation of Employees Provident Fund fixed deposit of Ceylon Electricity Board at People’s Leasing Company will come up for trial at the Colombo High Court on September 20.


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Its quite surprising that all of a sudden the AG department has woken from a deep sleep only after the whole country was shouting as to why the corruption cases were not being heard soon and therefore it is quite evident that the big wigs at AG department were deliberately delaying the cases presumably because they were under the pay roll of the Rajapakses or Rajapakse loyalists. We the people hope that these cases will be heard to a conclusion without any more postponements and the accused if found guilty to be punished according to the law irrespective of who they are. In the mean time it will be prudent to find out as to who was delaying these cases at AG department and weed out these saboteurs and expose them to the people so that the government can come out clean. Full publicity to be given to the extent of the fraud, case heard and punishment given like the way they did of Duminda silva, vass Gunawardana etc . If the culprits are sent to prison at least for 10 years the UNP and even the SLFP without the JO SLFP ganga will win the lections hand down. However both parties must ensure that when the General election comes to ensure , that good, clean, educated persons from good backgrounds be given nominations and not the likes of the JO fellows who are neither educated, nor refined, nor honest and not fit to be sent to parliament let alone even a Pradesheeya sabaha.Both parties must ensure that young, eucated and REFINED people from good back grounds are trained from now on to be in readiness for the next General Election to get nomination.

You are stuck in 60's.Who needs education if you can deliver,? Do you worry if the cat is black or white as long as it kills the mouse. Look around Bill Gates only has a honorary degree. Churchill in not a PHD holder. Gotabaya is not a brain surgeon. Famous Dasa Mudalali was a school dropout and he was the Bill Gates of SL at the time

This is to pass the election time successfully and justify Wijedasa to stay as a justice minister. After election in December, these dates will be postponed in long breaks and nothing will happen.

Will Rajas sieze power by hook or crook before the conclusion of these cases to save their families. Will there be unenfding adjournments of.these court cases until Rajas destroy all evidence

No wonder the ways they behaves and the way too they started projects with borrowed loans and how they spends , and the people of the country should know when you takes a loan their is a grace period , that you can pays back the ways you can with in the respective period with out any interests and once you fails to do so , then to starts pays back interests and the money you owed . That's what happens to the present government to do by hooks or crooks . The past regime they enjoys and shows to the people of the country that they did some work and wiped their hands before it's comes to this situations to face of pays back . Now they comes with another face and plans that , the present government cannot full fill their promises , and they are the only people [ politicians ] can runs the show and brings prosperity to the country . Hopes present people of the country is not that stupid to listens and to dances to their dumb music , its irritating . How spends those states funds and the corruption's and thuggish crimes they did have to face now for the justice . Anyways the innocent people in the country has to pay for this corrupt politicians corruptions and waste of their state money and assets . Behaves like brainy intelligent citizens with out fooling around by listening to those corrupt politicians to do protests and to ruins the country , take good decisions for the country and the future generations . 90% of the politicians does not loves the country they all are for them selves .

What about the top dogs who played out billions ? Are they to escape Scot free ?

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