Army Intelligence Officer nabbed with gold worth Rs. 9.1 million | Daily News

Army Intelligence Officer nabbed with gold worth Rs. 9.1 million

(File Photo)

An Army Intelligence Officer was nabbed with 2 kilogrammes of gold worth Rs. 9.1 million at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) earlier today.

The gold which was smuggled in from Singapore was taken into custody by the BIA Customs Officers.


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This is how they behaves and what they have been doing , when the law & order takes place , the ones who are waiting to creates problems are taking these things as this how they are treating for [ making ranaviru label ] to slings mud to the government . Every one in this tri forces & police are not heroes, that is there job to render to the country . Not a single government recruits a single citizen forcibly , under any circumstances they have to face and act according to the situations , any soldier or a policeman who sacrifice and fights bravely to save the lives of the citizens and to saves the country are the war heroes . Please don't underestimate the the word by using for this unwanted culprits. Its a disgrace for the real genuine war heroes .


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