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Battery cage poultry farming in NWP to be banned

The Wayamba Provincial Council has decided to ban all “Battery Cage” poultry farms in the North Western Province at its earliest.

The Wayamba Poultry Farmers Association brought up this matter to the notice of the Provincial Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Jueed Shamal Thisere Wednesday (17).

They pointed out that presently, nearly 6,000 poultry farmer families in the Wayamba who are engaged in poultry production, produced more than 300,000 eggs per a day and fifty seven percent (57%) of their income had been generated from poultry farms.

Unfortunately, the modernized large scale battery cage investors engaged in poultry farms who were processing on a large scale are in difficulties without a suitable market for their production. They request the Provincial Minister to take necessary measures to rectify this matter soon.


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