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President keen to stamp out corruption - Bandara

The country can be built as long as there are leaders who take prompt action against fraud and corruption, Sri Lanka Freedom Party Youth Front (SLFPYF) Chairman, Shantha Bandara said yesterday.

Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday, he said President Maithripala Sirisena who is committed to eliminating fraud and corruption as pledged to the people in 2015.

He took the most suitable action at the correct time.With this incident, others will also be reluctant to engage in fraud and corruption in the future,Bandara said.

This is the beginning of a new clean political culture.We will further extend our fullest support to the President in his endeavours to lead the country in a genuine political journey.We also request the President to take bold decisions to move this country forward,” he added.

Although the Opposition members initially described the appointment of a Presidential Commission as an attempt to cover up bond scam, they have now realised that it is not so.

Since the investigation into the bond issue is yet to be completed, we will get to know more information about the people who have cheated the country in the future,” he said.

The SLFP is becoming a strong and people's friendly political party overcoming setbacks under the present leadership who has the capacity to meet challenges. Therefore, we request all who are estranged from the SLFP to join hands with the party without destroying their future political careers,” he said.


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