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AG urged to expedite action

National Policies and Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Harsha De Silva and  Parliamentarian Nalin Bandara at yesterday’s media briefing at Sirikotha. Picture by Siripala Halwala
National Policies and Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Harsha De Silva and Parliamentarian Nalin Bandara at yesterday’s media briefing at Sirikotha. Picture by Siripala Halwala

Eighty seven files relating to mega scale fraud and corruption:

Legal advice sought on completion of FCID, CID probes :

‘AG’s Dept. is an independent body now’ :

National Policies and Economic Affairs Deputy Minister Harsha De Silva urged the Attorney General to expidite legal action relating to 87 files, which have been sent to the Attorney General’s Department.

He said that 87 files relating to various mega scale frauds and corruptions have been forwarded to Attorney General’s Department to seek legal advice after completing the investigations by various institutions such as FCID, CID and so on, but the Department has failed to take action on these files yet.

But it can be observed that there is a delay in taking legal action with regard to these files by the Attorney General’s Department.

Deputy Minister De Silva and Parliamentarian Nalin Bandara were speaking at a media briefing at Sirikotha yesterday. “The lethargic attitude of the Attorney General’s Department is questionable. With the investigations carried out by the Attorney General’s Department into Treasury Bond issue, it can be noticed that the Department can work efficiently.

Deputy Minister De Silva said that certain UNP members have pointed out this situation to the Prime Minister and Justice Minister and are looking forward to a favourable response.

He said that unlike the former regime, the Attorney General Department is an independent body now under the Justice Ministry.

“The Attorney General Department was under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa during his regime,” he said. “The resignation of Ravi Karunanayake from his portfolio resulted in the beginning of a new political culture, which the country never experienced during the last regime,” Deputy Minister de Silva said.

 He said under the Good Governance government this is the beginning of a new political culture. Besides, it symbolises the stance of the UNP.

The Deputy Minister added that no minister had resigned or an investigation carried out into a number of mega scale frauds and corruptions that had allegedly taken place during the regime of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. During the last regime, billions of rupees in public funds were misused.

“We had been raising our voice against various frauds and monetary malpractices, murders such as the Hedging Agreement, Central Bank frauds, underhand agreements,share market frauds, Greek Bond issue, Hambantota Commonwealth Games, frauds of airports and harbours etc.

He said that Employee Trust Fund (ETF) could not be summoned before the Parliamentary Accounts Committee for years.

Unlike that period, the Attorney General’s Department is conducting investigations into allegations relating to Government Ministers.

Minister de Silva said that the Supreme Court decided that a former Finance Ministry Secretary was not suitable for holding any position in government. But, he was reinstated into service by the previous regime.

When questioned about Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakhe’s statement regarding the Hambantota Port Agreement, the Deputy Minister said that no one has the ethical right to criticise the collective decision taken at the Cabinet meeting. 



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There is a very simple solution to this festering problem. That is. remove the present justice minister and appoint a fiar, unbiased, and honest person to manage the AG department. This is because Wijedasa Rajapakse has openly said that as long as he is there he will see that no Rajapakse is brought to justice and that no cases against Rajapakses will be taken up. Therefore the people who are now geeting impatient and fed up with the present government for not fulfilling its major promise made in 2015 would give a boost if all these 87 cases are heard in the same speed at which the Ravi Karunanayake , and Premachandra cases were heard and concluded. Therefore the President is urged to please ensure that all these major cases including Thajudee murder is heard to a conclusion before the end of the year. For this it is suggested that the President himself should:1. Remove Wijedasa Rajapakse.2. Identify the Officials who are delaying the cases deliberately and remove them. 3. replace them with good, efficient Attorneys. 4. Appoint more judges and set up new courts to hear these cases.5. Ensure that jusice is not only been done should seem to be done too. Some officials, as the Hon Rajitha Senaratne has said" EVen though the govt has changged th officials have not" is a truth which we as citizens all agree with. Please identify the corrupt, and Rajapakse loyalist attorneys and appoint new hones, attorneys and monitor them closely. The AG also should take the responsibility for this unprecented delay in the 87 cases and either resign like RK or get the work done quickly.

Enough is enough, public fed up with justice minister, he should be sacked for incompetence, he is siding previous regime like nobody's business on corruption, he was noted on the avangart issue. UNP should sack him from the party sooner than later. All cabinet ministers should sign performance agreements for each financial year with President and Prime minister and assess performance every six months. Under performers removed from portfolio.


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