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Minister frowns at ‘Foreigners only’ beach resorts

Moves to remove barriers for local tourists:

Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha berated action by local entrepreneurs to reserve “Foreigners only” beach resorts.

The minister made this remark at a meeting with the top entrepreneurs of the tourism industry recently. “Various local entrepreneurs engaged in the hospitality industry in the Southern coastal area have put up “Foreigners Only” boards on their beach resorts and have ignored local tourists.

Each citizen has the right to visit any part of the country.

“No one has the authority to take away that right," the minister said.

“The local authorities will take steps to prevent such incidents in the future. Tourism is one of the biggest income earners for the country and provides a large number of jobs for the people. We should protect the industry," he said.

Minister Musthapha requested Southern Province Chief Minister Shan Wijayalal de Silva to take steps to minimise difficulties experienced by local tourists in holiday resorts in the region.

He instructed the officials to initiate a programme in liaison with the tourism ministry to control the situation. 


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'Foreigners only' this is an appropriate comment by property owners to safeguard their investment from losses. .Many Sri Lankan locals have breached their contracts and failed to pay their dues.The locals know the Rent Act protects the renter and not the owner. An investor has a mortgage and other financial commitments to manage a business to make a profit. Unless the law is amended owners will not take risks. The owner has the absolute right under the business act to sell his product for the person he thinks fit, and this is not discrimination. Before,you initiate a programme to control the situation,please introduce new legislation to settle property disputes by a small court, within a few days and in the most equitable manner.


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