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Mattala Airport to develop

The greater Hambantota development plan envisages the establishment of a commercial centre for the Southern province under the government’s development plans.

These include plans for the establishment of an administration complex, a seaport, and an airport.

There is a need to establish a second international airport, an aviation engineer said.

Two thousand hectares of land were identified for the project and 800 hectares of land were identified for initial development. The estimate for the first phase was US$ 2,309. It took nearly three and a half years to complete the first phase, the aviation engineer said.

The new airport will bring unprecedented development to the region with a host of employment opportunities in trade, directly and indirectly, connected to airport operations, the engineer said.

With the influx of investors under the plans mooted by the present regime, the investor community will have several advantages such as easy access to the airport, ample space for facility erection, customs duty and tax-free transshipment and warehouse facilities etc., the aviation engineer added.


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