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Capitalising on Good Governance freedom

With the emergence of the YAHAPALANAYA, where people were deprived of their basic freedom by the previous regime, people took to street protesting even for not providing some things which they should have found.

The emergence of doctors to protest on the SAITM which in itself is a very sad fact that the medical profession took cudgels with the ordinary protestors, perhaps with the backing of some Padeniya clan whose only way to demand is to put people into inconvenience. Roads were blocked, the national income was dwindling as a result of highways are blocked, the hospitals were on strike backed by the own doctors at that, and the MBBS was reduced to Mason Bassta Badama Sapayanna. These medical intellectuals little realised of their profession which is honourable, dedicated, life-saving profession where those medical fraternity had resorted to strike action which is anathema to the profession of such a magnitude. Not only the protests by the doctors, the University lecturers helped the university students to join protest march in Colombo neglecting studies by university students.

A recent news item revealed 1,500 protests in a month and the authorities should wield their powers to quell wild cat protests inconveniencing public, patients and their like.

It is better to revamp the whole system and bring peace and tranquillity to people who suffer at the short-sighted professional doctors who should set an example to all as they are the cream of the professional society and they should guide the destiny of the nation.

Bassett Perera 


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