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Prof. Samarasekara files petition in Court of Appeal

Former Colombo Chief Judicial Medical Officer Prof. Ananda Samarasekara yesterday filed a writ petition in the Court of Appeal seeking an Interim Order staying the operation of Sri Lanka Medical Council’s decision to suspend him from performing medico-legal work for six months.

The petitioner Prof. Ananda Samarasekara cited the SLMC, members of SLMC’s professional conduct committee including Prof. Carlo Fonseka as respondents.

The SLMC had initiated an inquiry over the disappearance of several bones and other body parts of rugby player Wasim Thajudeen.

The petitioner stated that the professional conduct committee of the SLMC comprising Prof Carlo Fonseka have violated the rules of natural justice throughout the proceedings and in the order dated June 30.

Prof. Samarasekara said his suspension from medico-legal work for a period of six months will result with the petitioner being unable to give evidence in on going legal proceedings where the petitioner is required to give evidence as an expert witness.

He said that due to the purported order dated June 30, 2017 being implemented, the petitioner’s rights, immunity, privileges conferred on the petitioner by virtue of Registration under the Medical Ordinance have been suspended for a period of six months commencing from June 30.

Prof. Samarasekara said the purported order does not give any reasons or proper reasons as to how or why he was found guilty of charge one in the charge sheet, and he is automatically guilty of charges four and five of the charge sheet.




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