Misappropriation of Rs.70 million belonging to Krrish Company: FCID seeks AG’s advice on Namal Rajapaksa

The FCID conducting investigations against Hambantota District MP Namal Rajapaksa, concerning a misappropriation of Rs.70 million belonging to the Krrish Company yesterday informed Court that they have sought Attorney General’s advice regarding possible future legal action into the matter.

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne sent a reminder to the Attorney General directing him to expedite his advice regarding the case. The case will be taken up again on December 15.

MP Namal Rajapaksa was arrested for allegedly misappropriating Rs.70 million granted by Indian Real Estate Company Krrish Lanka Pvt. Ltd, to develop rugby in Sri Lanka. He is currently out on bail.

The FCID alleged that Krrish Lanka Pvt. Limited had granted Rs. 70 million to develop rugby in Sri Lanka and the amount was given to Ceylon Premium Sports President Nihal Hemasiri Perera.

The Company had remitted the money to a HSBC bank account belonging to Nihal Hemasiri Perera and he had later given the money to Rajapaksa on two occasions, The FCID said.

The FCID alleged that the complaint by Wasantha Samarasinghe had alleged that the money granted by the Company had been misappropriated by the suspect without using them for the real purpose of the company.

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