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“Former Govt. sold our lands outright: We changed it”

President Maithripala Sirisena in a speech encompassing all issues that have been in public discourse said that a majority of the people should not be victimised due to the conspiracies of a few.

“It was the previous regime that sold our land outright, unlike any previous regime. 200 acres were sold outright for the port city project to a Chinese company.

It was after we assumed duties that we changed it to a lease agreement” he said. He further said that under his leadership “not an inch of the soil would be given to a foreign entity.

He pointed out that during that time, there were no protests or strikes against such action.

“Today everyone has the freedom and it is this freedom that is being misused by a few. We can’t let this few cause hardship to the majority” he said.

Speaking at an event in Ibbagamuwa, where the President declared open a centre for education resources at the Hameedia Muslim school, the President pointing out to the Petroleum Corporation said that the strikers have been completely misled.

“I was listening to some of the speeches made by the Trade Union leaders who led the strike. I was very disappointed to see how incompetent they are in understanding the issue.

The lack of information, lack of knowledge which resulted in the strike was alarming” he said. He further said that he made the order proclaiming Fuel Distribution an essential service,due to the severe hardship faced by the public.

He further said that he was willing to have an open discussion with any person, and reiterated that any issue could be resolved through dialogue.

“Today the doctors have made striking a game putting the lives of people in peril.

They seem to have no value for human life,” he said. 




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To the President, Sir, its better late than never!!!. The people of this country would like to see you as a more tougher person than what you are. Your gentlemenly behavious, and your inlimited patience has led to the present situations, most of whcih could have been avoided had you been more tougher as our people do not know how to respect what has een given back to them. Therefore sir, I would earnestly request you to go alittle further and 1. Declare the Medical profession also as an essential service. 2. Bring in legislation or what ever and declare that student demonstrations should stop immediately as these cause immense hardship to the people of this country. Therefore based on this concept declare that all student should attend nlectures immediately and ban all student demos immediately. Those who do not attend lectures by a given date should be deemed to have given up their student ships and kicked out giving way for new recruits whos should be take nunder strict conditions of discipline and behaviour. Those students who want to attend lectures should be given maximum security and the trouble maker should be identified and ensured that they do not harress the innocent student who are forced to go on demonstrations against their will. Parent should be informed of the stept to betaken so that consensu should e reached that if they do not comply what the consequences will be. Sir, you have to be tough and ruthless with these unpatriotic idiots be it doctors, students or just ordinary CPC workers who are mislead by the JO who themsleves are fraudesters. I would go further and request the electronic media to bring these student leaders face to face with the relevant subject Ministers and have an open debate so that the public will be able to judge their intentions. SAME should be donce with the doctors and CPC trade union leaders too. Come out with facts and figures without barking like dogs from roof tops. Student leaders should be exposed in person so that any futture employer can indetify these thugs and ensure that no employment be given to them as that would mean trouble for an otherwise peaceful organization.

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