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SimpleCRM offers CRM software for finance, insurance businesses

Comprehensive and an affordable customer relationship management (CRM) software founded by a passionate and one of the most experienced CRM teams in Asia, SimpleCRM recently started delivering their solutions to Sri Lankan banking, financial services and insurance industry.

SimpleCRM aims to be the No. 1 CRM alternative to or Microsoft CRM for the mid-enterprise and large enterprise market segments in the Asia Pacific, whilst helping the organizations to last longer with customer retention.

Owned by Simpleworks Business Solutions Pte Ltd, SimpleCRM is capable of managing the customer relationships better and is an enterprise grade, highly scalable, comprehensive and cost-effective CRM of choice for large enterprises in the Asian price-sensitive market.

Many renowned large organizations with thousands of CRM users are already using SimpleCRM software for managing their sales, digital marketing and customer support operations.

In Sri Lanka too, SimpleCRM is deployed at Union Assurance PLC and also as a pilot project at one of the largest banks in Sri Lanka. With an experience of delivering 300+ CRM projects over the last decade, SimpleCRM team is one of the most experienced CRM teams in Asia.

According to the SimplCRM officials, recent global economic conditions have brought dramatic impact to the banking, financial services and insurance industry and as a result a record shift in consumer behavior now demands a compensating shift in this sector.

Large financial write-downs, a much more volatile market and increased economic uncertainty have resulted in financial services companies being pushed to more conservative business principals and placing a greater focus on existing customer relationships.

On a parallel scale, the rise of consumer technologies such as mobile, social media and cloud have empowered consumers with on-demand information, real-time collaboration with other consumers and vetted customer opinions of financial services products, policy comparisons, service experiences and a host of factors which consumers use to determine what policy to purchase or where to put their money.

Officials from SimpleCRM added that today’s customers of any product are readily sharing their bad experiences publicly and customers are switching their providers at a dramatically increased pace.

“Therefore all financial services companies need to devise a strategy of their own which achieves increased efficiencies and greater customer focus and results in lower operating costs, better information, increased customer share and reduced customer agitation”.

Under these circumstances companies need to switch to CRM systems to achieve these operational and information system requirements. Using CRM systems to consolidate multiple line of business information to achieve a holistic view of the customer's information, portfolio and household delivers insightful up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Further, when sales, marketing and customer support business processes are automated using CRM software, cycle times are dramatically lowered and user productivity increases.

Over the years with global demand it became increasingly clear that organizations in Asia require an enterprise grade CRM at a price point that factored in local economic realities. This led the team to launch SimpleCRM product specifically targeted towards Asian customers. 


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