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Small miracle

A smile is a facial expression where the corners of the mouth are turned upward. A smile could be a gesture of recognition, or an expression of friendly acceptance be it be a person one meets, or any animate or inanimate object that gives a feeling of joy. An indication of ones inner feelings.

A smile is universal. In any language, race or creed it carries the same message. One can listen to atrocious gossip, slander with a smile and a nod while subtly judging the nature of the narrator. It could be sign of genuine gratitude end humanness.

Some display permanent smiles. Beautiful! Many who meet such persons forget their inner turmoils for some time.

The eyes show the essence of a smile. Come to think of it even eyes of our faithful canines show their smile by wagging their tail, whines with eyes of love. It is the same with ‘meow’ and the affectionate caress. A smile originating from a donor is always accepted by the recipient with a smile.

At times make persons to smile, in order to make fear or anxiety to disappear. This is graphically shown in the smile of a passenger when he or she misses the holding strap in a bus, or holds on to a shoulder of a seated passenger.

Cartoons in the media, on the mega and mini-screens, pictures in children’s books show humour and friendship with the corners of the mouth turned upward. Yes! a smiling happening. Of course we cannot restrain a smile when listening to our politicians. Even the moon and the blazing sun is depicted with a smile, with their mouths turned upward. They show anger and sadness when their mouths are turned downwards.

Then there is the diplomatic smile. At times a very disarming smile while his country is arming.

Nat King Coles ‘That Certain Smile’ takes us back to the enigmatic smile of Leonardo de‘Vincis’ “Mona Lisa”. That smile in the painting – makes it the most expensive smile in the world.

Then come the songs of yesteryear, that make the smile the ‘hero’. “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile.” “There’s a smile on your face Brother John.” And “when Irish eyes are smiling.” Incidentally, they had not known about the Sri Lankan smile when the last song was written.

Devotees sing, pray, cry and dance before the smiling faces of their Celestial Teachers. The faces of our teachers in pictures and statues are shown with a smile. So forgiving and compassionate.

A smile is not a laugh. A guffaw is also a smile. A bawdy joke, antics of humans and animals that we encounter and many films, and cartoons make people to laugh. Yes! even the Hyena could laugh. It is only a genuine smile laced with love, sympathy, empathy and feeling that can bring the best in a human being.

At the funeral of a middle class gentleman, mourners were amazed to see all seeking alms by the sidewalks of a very famous temple queuing to pay their respects by the bier. A very few carried. Some in wheel chairs. They had brought tears and smiles from the others when they had said “we are here today not because of his benevolence. He smiled at us with a bow. How we loved that smile. It was worth more than all the alms we receive. Now we will not be able to see that smile. They wept.

Then again, at the state funeral of a head of a State Department members of all the political parties mentioned about the genuine, contagion smile of the departed person in their eulogies. Of the same person, the sanitary orderly or sweeper had said “when Sir gets down from the car and wishes me with a smile, all my trouble are forgotten.”

A smile has no boundaries. No wonder that “smiles’ is the longest word in the English language. There is a ‘mile’ between the two s’s. Smile S. it has no distance. It was a gracious Secretary General of the UN. Late U. Thank who said “when you are born, everyone around you is happy and is in smiles. Let your life be such, that when you die, all around you cry and you are serene in death with a Smile on your face.

A beautiful saying for all time. 

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