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102K Dance Party

Yes101 hits rewind this July at what will be the summer’s ultimate throwback to the new millennium! The island’s #1 music station brings the Y2K doom and digital madness to life for the second time around.

Relive the decade of the twenty hundreds! Where JT brought sexy back, Britney was still a wreck, Nickelback was still that band, 50 cent was In Da Club, GTA was your go to escape, The

Ketchup was more a song than a sauce, Brangelina was #goals and the Pussycat Dolls?... Well, dont we all still wish for a girlfriend so hot like... nevermind!

Yes101 takes you back to a time when no party was complete without a burned CD, no remix was hotter than ignition, no hips were truer than Shakira’s and no MV could beat the ones of the JLO variety.

Starting from July 19 onwards, tune in and crank that double-oh mayhem on the airwaves of Yes101 for 10 consecutive days. With the final 10th day showdown 102K Dance Party on July 28 at Hilton Colombo’s Blue! So, What you waiting for? Grab your invites before it gets hot In here! 


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