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Spider-Man: Homecoming : A tad tiresome

Many actors have given life to iconic comic book roles like Superman and Spider-Man. This year young actor Tom Holland haves a new twist to Spider-Man as he takes the role back to his teens. 2017’s face of the web swinger is much younger than his earlier versions and it gives an interesting look to the series.

Jon Watts’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ sees starstruck teenager Peter Parker rubbing shoulders with the mighty Avengers.

His selfies and video shoots becomes too much for the team including the movie’s audience to bear. Soon he finds himself yearning for action with Tony Stark aka Iron Man as his mentor.

Starks’ advice to the energetic youth is to go back to school and wait for his moment of glory. However the impatient youth finds himself in hot water when he goes looking for adventure and things seem to go wrong horribly as he finds himself in the hands of ‘Vulture’, a man who poses a real threat to the world due to using high tech machinery.

Funky and upbeat

Unlike its predecessors ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ lacks the superheroic aura. The protagonist is solely concentrating on becoming an A list superhero. Aunt May too has gone through a transformation. She is not the mourning and fragile widow portrayed in the previous films. She is a more modern version of a woman who seems funky and upbeat. Spider-Man’s ladylove, Liz, too is not your typical Mary Jane Watson. 2017’s version of her is as an attractive African American who unfortunately happens to be Vulture’s daughter as well.

Though he is not the dashing superhero lookswise Holland manages to carry his role surprisingly well. His eagerness works as well as brings down the attraction towards the movie. On one hand we relate to the teenager who possesses the stereotyped teen dreams. He has to work hard to prove himself to Starks and the public what he is really made of.

Coming of age

On the other hand since he is really set his heart on saving the day, we become tired of his over enthusiasm. This is especially evident in the first few episodes of the film when Parker goofs off with his Spider-Man costume.

Luckily it does not last long as action takes over the screen.

Marvel has been marvelous with most of their previous projects before but what sets ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ apart from the rest if the innocence embodied in the movie.

The coming of age of the protagonist touches the audience’s hearts. Though the latest in the ‘Spider-Man’ series is much smaller in scale it is by no means smaller in spirits.


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