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SAITM issue to foreign Embassies, High Commissions in Sri Lanka

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA), Federation of Faculty of Medicine Teachers’ Associations (FFMTA), Parents of State Medical Students’ Association and students of the state medical faculties have decided to inform foreign Embassies and foreign High Commissions in Sri Lanka on the SAITM issue.

The FFMTA, Parents of State Medical Students’ Association Convener Dr. Manju Weerasinghe issuing a statement said that the FFMTA did not see any advantage in taking over the Neville Fernando Hospital in resolving the current crisis, unless this is coupled with taking over the management of its medical degree awarding institute.

The FFMTA observes with deep regret that the undesirable consequences due to the establishment of profit-oriented, privately owned institution offering medical degrees at Malabe (SAITM) is leading medical education and the state health service to a crisis situation.

“The issue has been dragged unnecessarily for too long and none of the stakeholders is gaining by it. In this critical juncture, we join hands with the majority of voices which demand to take over this institution in to a government mechanism, he said in the statement.

The FFMTA recognises students of medical faculties and other state university students as main stakeholders in this issue who brought this pertinent issue to the attention of the government and the general public. 



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