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[CITIZENS' Mail - (17-07-2017)]


Not enough the inhuman cruelty inflicted on the desperate innocent animals in captivity at the zoo, there is an absurd move to extend evening hours to visitors. This crazy idea should stop with immediate effect. On the contrary, the animals should be given more resting hours from the evening. They should be given a day’s rest and make six-days a week for visitors. They have feelings and wish solitude away from camera shoots, some kids teasing and many irresponsible young and not so young. They do not need tit-bits from visitors only love and compassion that the Buddha preached to all his followers in this hallowed country.

Take a look at those chained elephants that go through the pressure of mind and body for the rest of their lives. They must be freed, rehabilitated and sent to Yala or Wilpattu.

Take a constructive example from our neighbour, India and close down all zoos and animals in captivity with no elephant rides for visitors initiated by her Environmental Minister, Maneka Gandhi. They who are born free, live free.

Gwen Herat



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