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Hayleys Advantis strengthens with new acquisition in Maldives

Hayleys Advantis has further solidified its position in the Maldives with the addition of two new landing craft that will further expand the range of services offered by their subsidiary, Total Transport Solutions Maldives (Pvt) Limited (TTS).

These landing craft will allow TTS to actively participate in discharging cargo midstream and make deliveries in shallow waters. Commenting on the latest acquisition the Chief Operating Officer of TTS, Arosha Fernando said, “As a nation that relies heavily on imports, the Maldives would benefit from a sophisticated integrated logistics provider like TTS and as we expandour capabilities it is the Maldives that will reap the benefits.

The addition of these two new landing craft will also improve infrastructure development projects like the construction of resorts, thus helping the tourism industry grow.

It is forward thinking initiatives like this that have made TTS a leading logistics service provider in the Maldives.”

The two landing craft are Malaysian built with a 500 ton and 325 ton cargo carrying capacity.

Each has a steel hull and twin 350 horsepower engines. Ideally suited for shallow waters these craft will give TTS access to islands with no proper jetties by allowing them to take cargo directly onto the beach thus removing a logistical hurdle that will vastly increase the options available to their customers.

“These new landing craft will also help us cater to a segment that requires shallow water deliveries which will further expand our end-to-end service portfolio. The acquisition of the new landing craft was driven in part by our vision that the economic future of the Maldives is closely tied to the prosperity of the logistics industry,” said Arosha Fernando.

Total Transport Solutions (Maldives) is a joint venture between Sri Lankan logistics giant Hayleys Advantis Limited and Arowana Investment (Pvt) Limited based in the Maldives.


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