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Apply citronella oil to prevent mosquito bites - Dengue Control Specialist

The people should be determined not let even a single mosquito bite them and should always take precautions to prevent mosquito bites, National Dengue Control Programme National Coordinator Dr. Hasitha Thisera said.

He said that all, especially the family members and health staff working with dengue patients should apply citronella oil to prevent mosquito bites. The mosquito repellents can give protection for few hours. Adults can apply any mosquito repellent but children below the age of five should apply natural mosquito repellents only.Infants should be kept under nets.


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There are a whole host of native herbal reparations prescribed to keep insects away particularly mosquito of which citronella oil is one anda recent one at that. Unfortunately this is not a lasti ng solution for there is a tendency for mosquito to get conditioned to it. In addition to citronella there is neem and and there are a few neem based insect repellents in the matket again as with most others these are ok with low mosquito populations. The lasting solution is control of mosquito populations. A few decades back DDT was used and probably this was cheapest and there was no problem of DDT resistance. Unfortunately DDT is banned in most countries and chemical industry has yet to develop an insecticide to replace DDT. Biological control is based on prey predator equilibrium to what extent this would sole our problem remains to be seen. So musch for the dengue expert


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