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Long live Carlo, a benevolent public servant!

As an ordinary citizen I never hesitate to say the doctors belonging to the GMOA are acting like idiots because some of its members recently have made a statement that they would stage another strike paralyzing the hospitals if the service of retiring Professor Carlo Fonseka was not extended.

It was reported in the national news papers ‘that the delegation of the GMOA led by its President Anura Padeniya and Secretary Haritha Aluthge met Prof. Carlo Fonseka at his residence and requested him to remain in the post and the GMOA would resort a country-wide strike if he was removed by the Government.

In response the professor pleaded with the GMOA not to strike on behalf of him putting the innocent patients in peril. I admire what a fine benevolent, good hearted personality was the outgoing SLMC President.

Really the persons like him should remain in the public service. Forever! Be happy and long live Prof Carlo.

Z A M Shukoor



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