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Sri Lanka Cricket pants controversy

Officals at the Sorriyawewa Cricket stadium had taken measures to ensure that the ‘ball boys’ stationed around the ground handed over the trousers they were wearing prior to leaving the ground after the recently concluded Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe cricket series, according to officers at the Sooriyawewa grounds.

Around 100 youth who were recruited as ball boys, whose main duty was to help with the main cover which covers the pitch, had to remove their trousers which were given to them by the ground authorities, and return to their homes in their underwear.

The authorities had instructed them that if they were to receive the nominal payment of 1000 rupees per day for being ‘ball boys’ they had to return the trousers they were wearing.

The youth had worn the trousers throughout the series.

The sudden instructions had come with no prior warning causing surprise and then embarrassment to them.

Schoolchildren and youth who play cricket in a given locality are usually recruited to be ball boys, being stationed around the boundary line during matches.

Speaking to the Daily News some of those affected by the decision said that they had to wait till nightfall to go to their homes after having handed over their trousers to the ground authorities.

Ground authorities when questioned said that they were following instructions of Sri Lanka Cricket.

However, when contacted spokesman for Sri Lanka Cricket said that the board had not instructed the ground staff. The spokesman said that the decision was entirely that of the ground staff and a press release on the incident would be released shortly.


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