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GMOA to strike if Prof. Carlo not retained

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) will commence an indefinite strike if the Health Minister appoints someone else other than Prof. Carlo Fonseka to the position of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) President, GMOA Secretray Dr. Haritha Aluthge said.

Addressing a press conference at the GMOA Head Quarters in Colombo last evening, he said that if the Health Minister appoints someone else to the SLMC president’s position, it is a violation of the Sri Lanka Medical Ordinance.

According to the Ordinance the Health Minister has power to make the appointment but he does not have the power to remove the SLMC president.

“According to the Ordinance, the position falls vacant only due to the resignation of the President, through a proposal approved by the council or if the President pass away. Non of those had happened when it comes to Prof. Carlo Fonseka,” he said.

The GMOA received information that the Health Minister will appoint a person who is pro-SAITM and holding a position in an Ayurvedic Productions Company. This is purely a violation of the Ordinance. The entire country has been demanding the Minister to appoint Prof. Fonseka to the position and Prof. Fonseka had given his consent to the appointment. The President, the Prime Minister, the Cardinal and Mahanayaka Theras of three chapters had been informed about the issue, he added.

Professor Carlo Fonseka’s term of service came to an end on June 30 after serving for five and half years.The Professor’s official tenure was supposed to end on December 31, 2016, as a SLMC President’s tenure is generally valid for a period of five years. However, the Ministry of Health took steps to extend his tenure by 6 more months.

Speaking to the media after his term came to an end, Prof. Fonseka said that no request had been made by the government for an extension of his service. 


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Medical profession going more insane each day, terrorism at its peak. Carlo could barely climb few steps to Supreme Court, was breathless in speech and helped down steps like invalid.. In few words he expressed his anti SAITM stand. So what more is there for him to do. He pushed Prof. Lalitha off her seat. So now he must leave his seat.(Not like Mrs.B who would not leave Temple Trees after election defeat) GOT TO GO GMOA wants to drive the govt. crazy before destroying it totally, whatever good intentions of govt. are.

Let them strike, they can't hold a legitimate government to Ransom with threats. Let the Defense services do the job with foreign assistance

Fine!!!! Go on strike for ever and see whether the Government will topple or these people will topple from their pedestal. It will not be long before the people will come out and either kill these people or boycot them so that they will not be allowed to enter any private hospital and if necessary bring in legisation. Expose these GMOA fraudsters as to how they put their children to Royal and Visakha and get them to leave the school and go to a school that is close into where they live. Expose these fraudulent acts.Finally, with all due respect to Prof. Carlo fonseka, I would request him not to be a pawn in the hands of the GMOA. Sir, you are a respected professor now in your eighties. Let the dogs bark but go home in dignity and respect and enjoy what is left for you in this life. We will all respect you not only now but long after you are gone!!!!

After getting MBBS at my expense you wan to strike as you wish? Give my money back!

Who GMOA think they are? God Almighty? There is no need for the government to accede to their request. These are non-issues. On the other hand, no one is indispensable. It is time government breaks the stagnation and move forward.

Carlo Fonseka is the best person to hold office as President, SLMC. Any political stooge will not fit in, and it would be against the law. If the state treats doctors like labourers, the doctors cannot carry out their duties and hence cannot be blamed.

You must be a GMOA 'doctor'.Carlo's days are long over. You're correct, GMOA 'doctors' should not be treated as labourers. They should be treated as terrorists. If they want to be treated like DOCTORS, they should behave like Doctors and remember the hippocratic oath.

If the Government Doctors are treated as labourers then they well deserve it as they are behaving worse than labourers.

Carlo fonseka is responsible for the current crisis in the free education by dragging the innocent students in to the street due to his double standard to KDU and SAITM. Now the GMOA is helpless without him as the head of SLMC to carryon the ugly bias battle against SAITM. There was no CARLO without GMOA and the GMOA can not carryon anti SAITM battle without CARLO. Carlo is really fed up with backing the medical mafia. Now the GMOA buddies are helpless and behaving like shoted wiled bore. Government should save innocent patients from further harassment on this issue.

Carlo once walked on fire. Now he has his ads on fire.

What an analysis of Dr. Carlo Fonseka's double standard for SAITAM and LOCAL Hospitals.

Please don't mention Pro.Carlo Fonseka,who is the one who messed up the subject as he is very feeble to handle this subject since it has been dragged by him time to time different opinions.It is like a story King and his cloths.

Prof Carlo wanted to force legal SAITM MBBS to sit exam. illegal for them, the ERPM/Act16, and then he cancelled that exam and was not given a further extension of SLMC presidency. His scheme to bring medical education in the country to a halt was successful. Now, he is seen in the Lipton Circus street tent protest of students. What a come down for a Trotsky fried brain. Gross injustice to approved SAITM MBBS.

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