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New Constitutional reforms ensure prime place for Buddhism: Sajith

Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa  unveiling the plaque to mark the inauguration of ‘Suramayagama.’ Picture by Mahinda  P. Liyanage. Galle Central Special Corr.
Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa unveiling the plaque to mark the inauguration of ‘Suramayagama.’ Picture by Mahinda P. Liyanage. Galle Central Special Corr.

No threats of any kind would affect Buddhism under the proposed new constitution the contents of which are yet in deliberating stages. Instead, the foremost place of Buddhism would be lawfully well-preserved and precisely upheld, Minister of Housing and Construction Sajith Premadasa said.

The minister said so at the public gathering that followed the inauguration of ‘Suramayagama,’ the 33rd housing project launched under the revived ‘Village Awakening Model’ programme. The new housing project established at Mahakurunda, Miriswatte in Bentota, Galle, is the first such village-awakening scheme launched in Galle district.

Minister Gayantha Karunathilake and Galle District parliamentarians Wijepala Hettiarachchi and Bandulalal Bandarigoda also participated.

Some critics with ulterior moves baselessly alleged that the Buddhism is threatened under the new constitution. We assure that nothing adverse would be caused to Buddhism. However, the proposed new constitution would be a big threat to power-craving politicians who aspire to retain the Executive Presidency and to take hold of the power again and continue their usual exploitation of national wealth through blatant abuse of power and mega corruptions. The new constitution would really be a betrayal to those who abused power and unleashed all sorts of corruption and frauds, the minister added.

“The proposed constitutional changes will not let down Buddhism. Instead, it will assure the foremost position of it. Could the former President who claims to be the so called savior of religion build at least a single stupa during his long rule? My father, who created model villages throughout the country, erected a dagaba at each of such villages established under his village-awakening programme. It was my father, late President Ranasinghe Premadsa, who reconstructed and raised the Maligawila standing Buddha statue which had been broken into pieces when it was first found. So are we to ruin Buddhism?” he said.

It was during the past regime that car races were held in front of sacred Temple of Tooth premises with no care to Maha Sangha’s repeated objections against those unholy maneuvers launched using the services our valiant war heroes who saved our motherland from the clutches of terrorists. Were those profane practices aimed at protecting Buddhism? The former President, who did nothing for the well-being of Buddhism during his tenor, at present, issues deceitful statements in the name of Buddhism. He could not stop his son from doing disgraceful acts at a sacred religious place of highest Buddhist veneration he further pointed out, he added.

The proposed constitutional reforms are aimed at the empowerment of people safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. They also encourage the reinforcement of Independent Commissions in respect of vital social sectors, while media freedom already ensured will be further fortified, guaranteeing transparency in all sectors of administration. Scientific devolution of power will be a threat to dictatorship. Hence, the new constitution will be a boon for the public, while the same will a betrayal for past rulers who advocated autocracy, Minister Premadasa added.

Subsequent to the 2010 Presidential election, the former rulers introduced the 18th Amendment to the Constitution in place of the 17th Amendment. They wanted to be in power for ever. At that time, no one objected or talk against such oppressive moves. Many who raise their voices against the Good Governance Government making use of freedoms ensured by the present administration were quite cowardly silent over such tyrannical moves of the previous regime, he added.

He said, the crown of war victory was secured by our heroic members of Tri-forces and Police. However, it adorned some other people. Those who existed on the glory of the war heroes did not at least think over their grave problems such as providing a decent shelter for them and their families. There are 3,650 homeless war hero families. It shows their gratefulness towards our war heroes.

The minister said, “Today I open the 33rd model village. My work alone is a good answer for those who question about present government’s development process since its inception. During the past administration, a large number of houses belonged to the ministry were freely distributed among the family members of previous government.”

Nevertheless, the assets which were then shared among family circles at present are fairly distributed among the public who deserve such offer. Before the end of the year, we will complete the work on 500 model villages. My ministry has formed a special task force to overview the progress of all newly-established model villages. I invite all political opponents who query our development work to come with me around the country to witness our development projects, he added.


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