The life of the human community, a national community can be firmly based only on the foundation of healthy human relations that thrive on human dignity and human rights, truth, justice and fairness, citizens duties and options consistent with responsible citizenship, and that cementing amity and camaraderie, kindness and mercy that should exist in a vibrant pluralist community. A mature and responsible national community could still flourish despite the frailties, disabilities and indeed vice, wickedness and despicable evil that may be there in some members and groups of such a community, provided the law takes its course and the nation strives to establish that justice which alone ensures true and lasting peace.

The masses of people of the North and the Muslims and religious minorities with their identity and culture should enjoy with their Sinhala brethren their equal and rightful place in Sri Lanka. Vice, wickedness and evil need not have space to be inevitable in an educated, mature and responsible human community, especially in our day. Civilized conduct, good and exemplary behaviour does abound more than vice, wickedness and evil, in spite of it not being sufficiently appreciated and indeed at times viciously ignored by the uncivilized and flawed political authorities even at the summit of power.

Though the wicked and corrupt elements of the previous regime could not continue their activities undisturbed due to their being ousted from power, the tentacles of their power seem to be so ramified and branched out that corrupt elements are still free not only to engage in their nefarious activities but also launch plans to create anarchy in the country. Whether the newly elected government has indeed taken power and full control over the administration of the country seems to be questionable, because a new kind of terrorism against a religious minority to drive fear into people often goes unchecked. It is said that the law limps sometimes. (Aliquando lex claudicat!) In Sri Lanka both legs of the law, verdict and its execution, seem to be intended to limp. Corruptio optimi pessima, corruption of the best is the worst corruption. It also means corruption at the top most levels of government is an abomination.

Tragically Sri Lanka has seen such abominable corruption at the very top of the Legislature, executive and the judiciary and the top organs of the government. Not only the people of Sri Lanka were outraged, but the international community too that treated our beloved country like a pariah state because of the pariahs at the top. Whereas the judiciary should be the unassailable bulwark of justice, equality, fraternity, national solidarity, unity in freedom and peace, it was forced to stray from truth and justice.

Conscious, responsible citizens

The more the citizens are conscious of being equal members of a single national family, the more they will presume to be heirs of a proud national identity and inheritance and be conscious of their obligations and responsibilities to one another individually and collectively and meet those obligations with equanimity and goodwill. In a good community, education should not only equip citizens with knowledge and skills for living but form their character and completely banish ignorance of social responsibility, vice, wickedness and evil in its many forms.

Education should be focused not only on the development of the intellectual and other skills required by the complex relations and requirements of modern society but also on the psychological, emotional and human and spiritual aspects that underpin the maturation towards the growth of an adult citizen who should become responsible in many ways for oneself and for others. Education should lead to an acceptable human development of all citizens. This means also the acceptable physical, human, intellectual, psychological, emotional, spiritual development of all who will be destined to shoulder the responsibilities of the legislative, executive, judicial structures and the subordinate agencies functioning under them.

Religious education should undergird all education and not be confined to the mere learning of doctrine and imbibing a narrow clannish loyalty to a denomination and to an insipid tribalism leading to a social indifference and numbness. Education should be widened to attain religious enlightenment that widens horizons and transforms life and relationships. It should inculcate habits of honest living as well as sensitivity to the misfortune and sad plight of others; it should instill upright and just social intercourse and amiable interactions that inflame and brings the glow and warmth of the fire of genuine selfless human love and fraternity with all.

While the freedom of thought and expression, the freedom to persuade others about the veracity of one’s beliefs have to be upheld, everyone’s freedom to choose one’s beliefs and to live according to them have also to be defended. All religions should positively contribute to the freedom of each and every person and the up-building of understanding among different communities so that social relationships may be harmonious and peaceful deserving of civilized human beings. Every religion’s follower have to be instructed by one’s religious leaders to so conduct himself/herself in the modern world in a manner consonant with the positive attitudes of ‘live and let live’ and neighbourliness that enhances good relationships among different communities.

Tolerance does not mean indifference to perpetration of violence and bloodshed in the name of religion. Religious denomination should give their adherents a positive understanding and an attitude towards other religious denominations so that directly due to misunderstanding about religions, teachings and religious practice and attitudes, disruption of fraternal relationships, social disturbance, violence and injury may never be caused by religions. It is up to the judiciary to uphold, as guaranteed by the Constitution, religious worship and freedom, its expression, its propagation through peaceful means as well as every person’s right and freedom to choose or change a belief and the way of life of one’s choice.

Zenith of defective upbringing

At the same time, there may arise in society those who may not sufficiently develop that consciousness of their obligations and responsibilities and are actually neglectful of them. This may directly relate to defective parenting and shortcoming in integral intellectual development and character formation and school discipline. No one becomes what he is, in isolation. Social relationships always positively or negatively influence everyone.

However the greater mass of sufficiently educated people should be resilient enough not only to absorb and withstand but proceed to eradicate the evil that comes forth from badly formed individuals without annihilating them, just as a good family absorbs the deficiencies of a family member and tries to reform and advance him without destroying him. The death sentence completely eliminates a person demonstrating clearly that the national family has lost all hope in its capacity to rehabilitate and reform and protect itself from a human being who has come to the zenith of a defective upbringing and is condemned mercilessly for the flawed nurturing that he has had at the hands of many others.

A national family’s resources should allow for the equal treatment of all and laws should be implementable, apply to all, and implemented. No potentate should be able to defy the law or be above the law as has happened in our Land. If a law permitted a man to marry two wives or a woman to marry two husbands, it will not be implementable because even the ratio of the distribution of men and women will not allow it. Law does take into account the relationship between real events and real persons and the factual situation of crimes, sometimes needing the exhuming of even interred cadavers to determine the real cause of death.

Leaders with a determined will

A fully socially conscious government leader/s of strong character could truly lead a national community to upright and non-violent and peaceful and orderly living, according equal rights to all citizens, provided the leaders themselves are righteous, impartial and exemplary, already personifying within themselves, in a way, the kind of future society they want to bring about. Something substantial in social reform could be achieved in a decade if there is the will and the determined pursuit of righteous leaders. If you desire to bring about a society in which the people are truthful, honest, sincere, just, gracious, kind and compassionate, friendly and patiently responsive to one another and loving, then be that yourself, now.

The righteous society will gradually but inevitably begin to break into your midst. But all such hopes will be blasted if you are hiding and suppressing Reports of Commissions that bare the truth and evading responsibility to right the wrongs and re-establish justice.

Our society too provides some shining examples.

The spirit of the game of cricket is a good example for all. Cricket on a level playing field provides for all players to gain their place in a team on merit; they have to be regular at practice, be subject to proper programmes of training and an assessment of their performance to be selected for a team.

Unfortunately there are corrupt cricket boards infiltrated by politicians who serve themselves. They need to be watched and scrutinized, and called to be above board.

All teams of all countries are considered equal in every way. The umpires are impartial. LBWs know they have been blocking the wicket and respect the umpire’s verdict without question. If in the run-outs, in the stumped, or in being caught, there is any doubt, there is a third umpire who decides with finality dispelling all doubt. All respect the decision and there is no further appeal.

The game seems to be going from strength to strength as shown by its continuing growth and sustaining popularity. There are many things to be learned from the spirit of the game of cricket. Even though everything in cricket may not be all perfect, just as all things human are not perfect, cricketers have become a resilient example not only to Sri Lanka, but to all countries of the cricketing world.


Then there is a traffic control inspector in Uva who is called “Parashoot” by the people. That is because he descends suddenly to points of traffic at moments no one expects. He insists that people, especially drivers of vehicles, observe the road rules.

I have heard that he applied it also to his wife and even the judge of the area who were issued a ‘fine-slip’ when they contravened the law. The driver of a big vehicle that had brought some building material to his house was paid by him the due amount but was also issued a ‘fine-ticket’ for the wrong way of parking and reversing on to the road.

I have not met this exemplary policeman ‘Parashoot’ who I have heard is a very kind and understanding police officer who could discern the bona fide mistakes and errors that some people make but does not tolerate the willful ignoring and breaking of road rules by those who resort to short cuts. But he is a persecuted man, persecuted by powerful people for upholding the law impartially. They punish him or rather take revenge from him by transferring him frequently to all sorts of places.

And he goes wherever he is transferred to and does his job as it should be done without compromising. The way he is treated is indicative of corruption.

However, in the relationships and interactions among people and groups in the larger society many other factors such as money, bribery and undue influence, harassment and victimization, racial, creed and caste prejudice, delay in courts, sham pressure on judges and every sort of partiality that undermine truth, equality and fairness come into play. Lawyers who should assist the Courts to adjudicate justice sometimes play the knavish Pucks for filthy lucre.

Sri Lanka needs upright and just lawyers not those who live by dates and pickpocket clients. Enrolment of candidates to Law College and Law faculties of universities may need to be seen to as well as the course content of the ethics and morality of law and the nature of practice of lawyers among who are veritable social parasites and thieves. Lawyers are not intended to be parasites; they with the Judiciary and the peacekeeping Police are intended to be promoters of justice and peace so that the law and the law’s ways may be in the very hearts of the people because the law is necessary for life. Laws cannot simply be abolished or swept under the carpet; laws need to be made more just and fulfilled.

Unfortunately there are dishonest lawyers. I myself have brought one such dishonest lawyer to the notice of a former chief justice known for his own many failings who conveniently evaded facing the problem by asking me through his registrar to find the lawyer’s whereabouts. In this day and age of IT and computers doesn’t the Sri Lanka’s legal establishment know the whereabouts of the lawyers of Sri Lanka? If the system of justice denies the citizens the right to justice because of the corruption of the members of the law fraternity and the judiciary, then the fate of this country is in dire jeopardy.

The President and Prime Minister, their party members especially in parliament, members of provincial councils and other local government bodies as well as the judiciary are key instruments and personages of formulating the measures for upholding the human equality, human rights and freedom and of all citizens according to law and order and not for just making bland statements and evading responsibility.

Lackadaisically politicized

The glaring lack of clear national policies on many matters of national concern is the reason for the administrative confusion that prevails. Every political leader with his party cadre act according to the narrow policies of the party that serves the interests of party members, inclusive of corrupt interests, and far too often overlooks the national interest. Due to this they not only defend their lackadaisical policies but also their lackadaisically politicized administration.

Members of Parliament are yet to learn to prioritize national interests, strengthen national solidarity, promote national reconciliation and build unity and peace by upholding truth and justice, law and order in Sri Lanka.

How long a time do they need to learn when their minds are mainly focused on the personal priorities of covetousness and greed and not on national priorities and the urgent necessities of the people?

Mandate to President and PM

The mandate given to President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe on January 8 and August 2015 was nothing short of making a new Sri Lanka in which sober new relationships especially among Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other ethnic and religious minorities will be established and all women given their due place freeing them from unjust male dominance.

Many main obstacles to equality, national solidarity, unity and peace, such as oppression due to race and caste discrimination needs to be removed.

Party leaders should focus on conscientizing people on upright citizenship and duties of citizens at a time when some sections of the clergy, doctors, nurses, teachers, and all manner of public servants have come to be more concerned more about their narrow ‘rights’ whether they are justified or in the present volatile and confused historical context of the country.

It has also to be understood that increasing the number of policemen and police stations, reformatories, borstal institutes, jailors, prison guards and prisons, law courts and judges are not signs of human progress and development and a refining culture but of lack of self-discipline among the people and increasing decadence and self indulgence. The judiciary should ultimately become the foremost, just and fair adjudicator of large and small relationships in the national community, the authority to be obeyed, effective in nurturing among all people the lawful order we desire and become an institution that simplifies and normalizes as far as possible the many and complex associations and connections that spring up in a modern complex society and the bulwark of equality, unity and peace in the Land and the potter of a new vessel of a benevolent civilization of goodwill and love.


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Parliament is not there for ministers members passing laws to win popularity or getting reelected at the expense of a group or section of the community either religious lingustic or other minorities in the country. Passing laws based on majority to exclude minorities should not allowed to happen in democratic process or human rights snd sending defence forces to intimidate kill maim prison abduct citizens killing of young men women. These are not military responsibility. Let us see to that all of citizen respect each other while parliament judiciary see that justice human rights will prosper and respected

Passing any exam is not difficult to a student who goes to school follow teachers direction advice did home work study deli gently with growth mindset. Students with fixed mindset no intrest on progressive education cram in the last minute pas exam but not keep up with social progress listen to utterances of outsiders otherwise remain static in society however can easily convinced often elected to government private jobs even elected mpWith fixed mindset he/she just follows no progressive ideas often think his ego superiority blindly follow other not a dynamic member. Education must give dome directions invluding a better person how to live with rest of human in the country help and support fello humans

Society of large various communities must be living In clean just society. Not in a society surrounded by people with poisoned and polluted ideas men women with guns and bullets and taken care by politicians with honorary dignity corruption free knos basic human right

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