‘Importers suffer cargo damage, loss at ports’ | Daily News

‘Importers suffer cargo damage, loss at ports’

The Sri Lanka Shippers’ Council called for a total liberalization of the maritime sector where all walls have to be brought down if Sri Lanka is to benefit much more from the maritime sector.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Shippers’ Council Immediate Past Chairman Sean Van Dort alleged that their importers suffer cargo damage, loss of cargo at container de-stuffing points and corruption at all levels because the infrastructure in ports has been developed only for ship handling.

“Everyone has forgotten about backyard operations,” he said. “In order to expedite their clearing process, ‘happy money’ seems to be the only way out.”

He further noted that there will still be agency networks required to handle ships and husbanding requirements since terminals are privatized. Commenting on the e-documentation initiative, he said that the commitment of Government is required to make it possible by the end of this year.

To this end, draconian laws of the Customs Ordinance and the Ports Authority Act must be looked at strongly with willingness to change.


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