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Tangible sense of optimism in Lanka - Oxford Business Group

There is a tangible sense of optimism in Sri Lanka, with new trade deals in the pipeline and a shift in the economic landscape towards service‐led industries, said Oxford Business Group Managing Editor for Asia, Paulius Kuncinas.

“Sometimes overlooked, Sri Lanka has a fascinating story to tell, which most recently includes 15 years of continuous growth,” he said.

“With ambitious plans that include transforming the country into an international transport hub and driving new growth in the greater Colombo region, the government’s bid to take Sri Lanka’s development to the next level looks to be well on track.”

Commenting after the launch of its Report on Sri Lanka 2017 recently, Kuncinas said the Group’s report indicated that the reforms that are needed to help Sri Lanka reach its long‐term goal of securing sustainable and inclusive economic growth were taking shape.

“While the post‐war years have brought impressive economic expansion and investor interest, pockets of poverty and inequalities remain an issue,” he said.

“Our findings suggest that Sri Lanka’s new government is already moving to realign its economic policy and address these weaknesses, while embarking on an infrastructural overhaul that will undoubtedly sit well with investors eyeing the country’s many opportunities.”

The Report marks the culmination of more than six months of field research by a team of analysts from Oxford Business Group.

The publication assesses trends and developments across the economy, including those in macroeconomics, infrastructure, banking and others. Oxford Business Group is a global research and consultancy company with a presence in over 35 countries, from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to the Americas.



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