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This government will protect Muslims: Rajitha Senaratne


No matter who acts against Muslims, this government will protect Muslims and punish who harass them, Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said.

The Minister said this while addressing a Ramadan Festival held in Colombo recently.

According to Minister Senaratne, the national unity built by him at Beruwala was destroyed by some miserable persons.

`The houses and shops were rebuilt but we could not mend hearts. I simply do not know how many have become fundamentalists from that incident. We will not allow such incidents to take place in the future', he said.

` We should respect our own religion as well as other religions. Muslims may have problems. But I faced more serious problems because I stood for Muslims', he said.


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this guy senaratne is a hypocrite of the highest order to regard muslims a minority! rajitha is ignorant of the histrorical expansion of the arab world for your information thae caliphate of 711AD occupied all of spain and portugal and until 1492 and the ISIS and the related affliates are waging a war to relive the past. through war and demographic shift that us taking place in much of europe. rajitha is an scoundrel of the first order and his son thinks so too. Before long the muslims are going to be armed and then it would be a real threat to halfwits the likes of senatartne and no doubt tey will be first targets that would com e under fire


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