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[APPRECIATIONS - (19-06-2017)]

Dr. Al-haj Badiudin Muhamud

Astute educationist

Late Dr. Badiudin Mahmud, born on June 23, 1904, having had his primary education at St.Thomas’ College, Matara; Wesley College, Colombo and Zahira College, Colombo, entered Alihar University in india for his higher studies where he obtained a M.A. degree. Whilst in India, he was able to have close relationships with a host of graet personalilites and this helped him a great deal in his later political life.

Dr. Bdiudin Mahmud joined the staff of , Gampola, as an assistant teacher and rose up to be its principal.

His services to Zahira College in general in the educational field was immense.

A person who disliked imperialistic ideas, he took a leading role in the progressive movement and was a founding member of the SLFP, along with S.W.R.D. Bandarnaike.

He was a pioneer of the SLFP when it came to power in 1956 with the blessings of the common man.

Dr. Mahumud formed the Islamic Socialist front to promote progressive ideas amongst Muslims and the way he acted to instigate the leftist ideology amongst them is praiseworthy.

After serving as the Minister of Education from 1960-1965 and 1970-1977 under Prime Minister Bandaranayika in her Cabinet, he passed away on June 16, 1997.



Zahira College, Gampola.

Rev. Canon Raylin Henry Andradie

Proficient in many a languages

The 6th death anniversary of Rev. Don Raylin Henry Andradie, a distinguished son of Moratuwa, will be remembered as one who gave himself completely to the service of his church relentlessly and devotedly, as an indefatigable servant of the Lord, a faithful priest and a committed pastor.

Rev. Andradie, his full name being Don Raylin Henry Jacob Andradie Warnakula Jayasuriya, prefixed by Arasakulasuriya Arasanailayaitta Adiya, was born in his ancestral home ‘Andradie Niwasa’ at Lady Evelyn de Soysa Road in Idama, Moratuwa.

He was baptized and confirmed at the Church of Holy Emmanuel, Moratuwa. At Prince of Wales College Moratuwa, he acquainted himself we at studies and was successful in both, the Cambridge Senior and Matriculation examinations.

He was ordained a deacon in 1924 after having successfully completed a course of theological studies at the Divinity School in Colombo and a priest in 1925. In May, 1927, he married Balapuraduge Letitia Charlotte Mendis, a teacher on the staff of Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa. She was, at the time, residing at ‘Mount Pleasant,’ Moratumulla in Moratuwa. The marriage was solemnised at the Church of Holy Emmanuel, Moratuwa. They were blessed with two children: Christopher and Pauline.

A doughty champion of the Anglo-Catholic cause, he steadfastly held to its traditions wherever he served, right to the end propagating its faith among his flock. His 30-year long ministry extended from Matara through Panadura, Egoda Uyana, Koralawella, Horethuduwa, Dandugama and Kurana, in the Western coastal belt and from Badulla through Kandy to Kurunegala, in the hill country of Sri Lanka.

As an erudite scholar proficient in many a languages; Sinhala, English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Pali and Sanskrit; his bountiful knowledge was made use of not only as a lecture in Sinhala in the Divinity school in Colombo, but also as a translator of the Holy Scriptures and the Book Common Prayer into Sinhala.

The eighth Bishop of Colombo Bishop Archibald Rollo Graham Campbell, in a tribute to the late Rev. Andradie, at the Diocesan Council Sessions of 1945, said, “During the 30 years of his ministry, he labored faithfully for the ministry and cared for the people committed to his charge and all the time, he was labouring to make the treasurers of the Bible and prayer book available to his own people in their own tongue.”

At the time, when the Sinhala language was a bugbear to those Divinity students who had been educated in the English medium, it was Rev. Andradie who was able to infuse into them the desire to learn Sinhala.

Rev. S.W. Douglas de Mel, in an appreciation published in the Ceylon Churchman of September, 1954, said, “Not until we studied the language (Sinhala) under Rev. Canon Andradie, did we realize its beauty, its rhythm and the effects in emotion it could create.”

“He was born a teacher of the Sinhala language. His reward for all his efforts is seen perhaps, in the progress made by Tamil students in a language quite foreign to them and the desire he kindled in the hearts of Sinhala students to love and learn their mother tongue better.”

While Rev. Andradie was in service at St. Paul's Church in Kandy in 1932, he had the rare privilege of receiving the Duke of Gloucester when the Duke arrived in Ceylon for the presentation of the throne and crown of the last King of Kandy and went for a service in the church.

Among his widely-known publications in Sinhala are the 'St. Peter's Prayer Book' (1939) and 'Sithvyana' (1946), published in commemoration of the centenary of the diocese of Colombo, which are treasure little books widely used even today in most of the Anglican homes, especially Moratuwa. Among his lesser known publications are 'Children's Prayers' (1947) in Sinhala, published in commemoration of the paternal grandparents of the writer. He was the editor of a Sinhala monthly journal 'Dharmadeepthiya,' which went out of publications many years ago.

In 1953, in recognition of the faithful service of Rev. Andradie to God, church and man, he was appointed a Canon of the Cathedral Church of Christ to the seat of St. Lawrence, by Bishop Archibald.

In the latter years of his life, he suffered much due to his ill health, but still carried on, travelling a distance of 20 km from Dangugama to teach students at the Divinity School in Colombo, in addition to performing his own pastoral work. At the time of his death, he had almost completed a commentary of St. Mathew's Gospel in Sinhala.

Exactly 63 years ago, in 1954, Rev. Andradie was called to rest on June 22, in the presence of an unusually large gathering. It was a glowing tribute to the piety, faithfulness and industry of the much-loved priest.

I conclude this appreciation in the words of Bishop Archibald, who commented in his charge to the Diocesan Council 1954 thus, “Of Rev. Canon Andradie, it may truly be said that he counted not his life dear unto himself so that he might finish his course with joy and the ministry which he had received of the Lord Jesus. He had his desire. He dies as he himself wished at work, right to end.”

Prabath Perera

Asoka Lakshman Thenabadu

Ardent mentor

It is one year since my friend and colleague Asoka Lakshman Thenabadu passed away on June 30, 2016, following a sudden heart attack. It is with a marked sense of sadness and remembrance that these words are penned, eulogizing our friend and colleague.

Asoka was a fellow Thomian as well, and hence, was a friend of mine from our younger days. He attended St. Thomas’ from the very beginning, ahead of me and others who came to Mt. Lavinia via St. Thomas’ Prep School in Kollupitiya, or others via St. Thomas,’ Gurutalawa. In school, he was involved in a multitude of activities and distinguished himself in scouting, earning the Queen’s Scout badge, the pinnacle of scouting for youngsters in school. He was very active in extra-mural activities for Wood House at STC, and was a debater, representing the house in many other activities as well, ending up as a House Prefect, thence being appointed a school prefect. He was fair in keeping discipline at school, well looked up to by his juniors and earned himself many accolades.

Academically, he excelled and was one of the 28 of a class of, I believe, 32 who earned a record number of passes with Distinction in Pure Math at the ‘O’ level exam, an accomplishment that Rev. Lucien Fernando, our Math teacher, regarded with pride. He was one of the groups of Thomians admitted to the Colombo Medical Faculty in 1963, having graduated from STC in December, 1962.

A diligent student, Asoka was a fellow resident with me at Bloemfontein, the men’s medical hostel, and many were the evenings that a group of us met informally for study discussions, in which he was an active and formal accomplice.

Graduating together in 1968, Asoka served his Internship at the Ratnapura General Hospital with several of us. I recall him playing tennis there. He was liked by both colleagues and staff. During post Internship, he was posted to Colombo South Teaching hospital at Kalubowila. After a stint there, he joined the Army Medical Corps. During this period, he met his bride Manel Wijeweera, LLB., a practicing Lawyer, whom he married on July 7, 1975. In October, 1975, he left Sri Lanka for the UK with his new bride and added a DCH and MRCPCH to his MBBS degree, eventually becoming a Consultant Paediatrician in Epsom, practicing in that speciality for some 35 years in the UK; he also became a successful businessman of sorts, setting up Stat Locums as the founder of an organization that provided physician coverage services to both, practitioners as well as hospitals, starting in the UK and expanding later to the Middle East, New Zealand and even down under, I believe.

Manel and he were blessed with two sons, one of whom, Sam, followed his father into Medicine, becoming a Paediatric Trauma Surgeon in UK, while Chris, following in his mother’s footsteps, took to Law, and currently is a Solicitor, also in the UK.

Asoka had multitude of interests; in addition to Stat Locums, he founded a placement company assisting physicians locate work places. He helped visitors to Sri Lanka find and enjoy some of the abundant beauty of Sri Lanka, and explored areas outside the beaten path, such as whale-watching excursions from Mirissa. He lent his expertise to the Historical Society, as well as the Photographic Society in Colombo, and doubtless many others in the UK. His interests were many, and he was well-known to go out of his way to extend help and mentoring.

On retirement, he chose to return to Sri Lanka and live in Colombo to care for Manel, his wife, to whom he remained devoted.

He continued to maintain his Stat Locums office at his spacious Hyde Park flat at Hyde Park residencies deploying a personal assistant. He was fiercely protective of his family’s personal life and other than discussing it in generalities, rarely did acquaintances become aware or how he curtailed his activities in Colombo to be available to Manel On a visit to Sri Lanka after a pause of 11 years.

I became aware of much Asoka’s generous nature when he went out of his way to introduce me to various voluntary societies in Colombo, of which he was a very active member, encouraging me, picking me up and taking me to many of the meetings, and to Sinhalese Sports Club and Royal Colombo Golf Club where he was a frequent visitor in order to make sure that I would not become 'bored,' as he put it, while on an extended visit of several months; for this, I was very grateful.

He also was an active Old Thomian and remained so to the end, keeping up with both fellow schoolmates as well as officers of the OBU; his patronage in these activities was unstinting, though I became aware of how closely he monitored caregivers who were with Manel who was sick whenever he was away from her was always 'on-call.'

On my visit from December, 2014, through to March, 2015, Asoka escorted me to many meetings of societies he belonged to; I also became aware that he was a current officer or past officer in many and actively mentored many of the younger members or officers, giving of his time and advice without reserve.

His passing prematurely at what I consider a prime stage of his life with so much left to give the many to whom he extended a hand is to be mourned.

Some of our group, both from STC or from the Medical College class we belonged to, have passed on and now, Asoka will be one of these ranks, whom we, those remaining, will refer to in the past tense.

I am proud to have been associated with him and am sure his sons and siblings are too.

Esto Perpetua.

Dr. Chris Simithraaratchy,


Pricille Fernando

Gentle soul

June 28 marks the 1st death anniversary of Late Pricille Fernando, a gentle, soft-spoken and sensitive soul whose sudden demise was so difficult to comprehend.

He was a wonderful human being with a passion to serve the needy and the downtrodden.

With a heart of gold, he wouldn't hesitate to go that extra mile to assist anyone in distress.

The word 'no' was non-existent in his vocabulary. Many who were fortunate to cross his path will find the void hard to replace.

His untimely demise has caused great pain to his loved ones and dear friends. Our friendship with Pricille and Monica dates back to 1979, when my spouse Anver and Pricille were inducted on the same day to the prestigious Lions' Club of Moratuwa. When Anver was President of the Club, Pricille was Secretary. Interestingly, both went on to become District Governors and Chairpersons of the Multiple Council of Governors. He used his expertise, with assistance of Lion Lady Sharleene Liyanage, to make the first ever video presentation of District activities at Anver's farewell Convention as District Governor, in 1992 at the BMICH.

A very popular personality, he was loved by many. He took his oaths as District Governor at the International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2000. He will be best remembered for donating 30 dialysis machines worth over Rs. 60 million, to hospitals all over the island, including Jaffna, during his tenure as Governor.

An outstanding product of St. Sebastian's College, Moratuwa, this six-footer was Head Prefect, Senor Athletics Captain, champion athlete, and a Sri Lanka schools' basketball player. A multi-talented individual, Pricille was also an award-winning photographer and holder of a Private Pilot's License. He was the first General Manager of Micro Cars Ltd. and was responsible for developing the prototype and registering the Patent documents. He was also Manager of Dairy Development at Nestles.

Pricille was supported by his dynamic partner in service Monica—a former winner of the Lion Lady of the Year Award. In addition to Monica, he left behind his only son Sharon of Steamboat fame, an outstanding Tennis player and Golfer, d.i.l Nishu and two adorable grandchildren Nishinya and Shenuk, much adored by Pricille and his two sisters Yvonne and Anne, about whom he cared very much. Pricille's three brothers Vimal, Sunil and Amila, predeceased him.

It was in the fitness of things that this caring and God-fearing soul breathed his last in the afternoon, resting on his armchair, watching God TV.

May his gentle soul rest in peace! Farina Dole

Don Percy Nanayakkara

Remembering forever our beloved father

It’s hard to believe that it’s now over three years since he passed.

Our precious time with him went by way too fast.

After his death, countless people continuously found the time to say

how much of a great man he was and how he helped them in various ways.

He was clearly loved and idolized

by even more than we realized.As an accomplished scholar, he was dedicated to education;

he applied everything in life with amazing innovation.

When he conversed, he made it easy for all to connect

because he treated everyone with a great deal of respect.

He always gave without an ounce of hesitation.

Many who met him said he was their inspiration. He treated people of all cultures and faiths exactly the same;

and, for all of his contributions, he never once looked for acclaim.

He offered so much talent in over 12 countries,

consisting of a vast assortment of sundries:

educator, writer, teacher, philanthropist, producer, dancer, information technology specialist, just to name a few.

There was absolutely nothing in this world he couldn’t achieve or find time to do.

When people shared their problems, he helped them find solutions.

His life consisted of such endless contributions.

He never stopped giving.

That's the way he kept living. We enjoyed spending time with him each and every day;

but, it’s definitely different now as we miss him in so many ways.

He was our favorite person each day of our lives.

He was the one that every one of us strives or hopes to become one day.

He was perfect to us in every way.

We are grateful for everything he’s done; not just for us, but for everyone.We continue to love him to the extreme

and undoubtedly miss the leader of our team.

We also personally know

that our hearts will continue to flow

with the love he gave us for the rest of our lives.

It’s in that fond essence that he still survives.We are infinitely grateful to you, thaththa, for every single thing that you have done. Undoubtedly, you have personified the best in us. We eternally love you and are enormously thankful that your legacy of wisdom, integrity, inspiration, and courage will go on forever—for us and all of whom you've touched.

You were the greatest father anyone could ever have. Death may have taken you away from us, but our lives' hero you'll forever be. We miss you everyday.May he attain Nibbana!

Lovingly remembered and sadly missed by your children.

Venetia Ethel Gamage

Humble matron

Three months ago, our beloved friend, a founding member on NGO Forum On Ageing, passed away after a brief illness. She hailed from a well-known family in Wellawatte and was a well-known social service worker.

She was a science teacher at Devi Balika Vidyalaya and was very popular and loved by all students for her dedication, commitment and kindness. She started the Girl Guides Society in the school.

Venetia was very humble, amiable and kind, always with a smile on her face.

Since the NGO Forum was formed in 1991, she did a great service to the forum in organizing various activities, especially issuing the Senior Citizens Identity Cards on the same day with the help of Elders' Secretariat.

Venetia introduced them to the NFOA and elected me to be the Secretary of the Forum and we were able to do much work towards the welfare of senior citizens. She also initiated 'voice of youth' seminars at the BMICH in 1984 and residential camps for rehabilitation of drug addicts. She also conducted a 10-day carers' course to train youths to look after sick and ageing elders.

She was very concerned and helpful towards the activities of the NFOA and attended all our functions although she was not in good health during the latter stages.

Her husband Nihal, a high ranking Police Officer, was a pillar of strength to all her activities. Their only son Nalin is doing well in Canada.

May your journey in Sansare be short and may you reach the supreme bliss of Nirvana.

Reggie De Soysa,


Kalabhushana Premaranjith Thilakaratne

Excellent writer

Premaranjith Thilakaratne passed away at the ripe age of 79 years. He studied at the Sripali College in Horana and later, joined the clerical service. Being an energetic young officer, he passed the limited competitive examination for promotion of lower grade public officers and served as an executive officer in different parts of the island until he was called upon to assume duties as the Deputy Commissioner of Cultural Affairs. He retired from the public service as a class I officer of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service.

As a pre-eminent writer and a commissioner of culture and arts, he entered into the theater scene with his play 'Wagurubima.' He wrote and produced 10 plays. His play 'A House Without a Roof' won the first award at the state literary festival of that year. Several plays written by him were dramatized on the stage before a large audience.

He wrote five novels, 10 plays and four books on miscellaneous subjects.

His bilingual knowledge made him an excellent translator and he won the best translation award at the 2004 state literary festival.

He led a devoted Buddhist life until his demise. His beloved wife predeceased him and he leaves behind a son of the father's calibre.

He was an unassuming person and excellent friend who was hardly moved by the vicissitudes he had to face in regard to his former family life.

In all respect, he was a perfect gentleman.

May he attain nibbana. 


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