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For richer or paw-er!

Like many a bride, she wore white... but then, it would have been difficult for her to appear in any other colour.

Here, posing as proudly as any pair of newlyweds, are Kaya and Hades, the German shepherd dogs. Kaya is the smiley looking white shepherd, with her paws placed firmly on her companion, a black sable.

The inseparable couple live in New Zealand with their owners Ashleigh Macpherson, who keeps Kaya, and her brother, who looks after Hades. The two-year-old dogs have become popular on the picture sharing site Instagram since Miss Macpherson started posting images of them in various poses.

Although they haven’t really got married – sorry to spoil that romantic dream for the dog lovers among you – their similarity to a happy couple was pointed out by their fans after these pictures appeared online.

And it seems to be a case of opposites attracting, according to Miss Macpherson, who says they have completely different personalities.

“Kaya is independent, loyal and loving, she’ll do everything to try to please me,” she said. “Hades is quite dependent, extremely cuddly – he just loves everyone and will try to get everyone’s attention.”

Talking about the dogs’ unique relationship, she added: “When they are separated and reunited again, they can’t help but cry, whine, lick, tails wagging... It’s almost like they are asking, “Where have you been?” ’ On Instagram she writes: “These two just love each other! They do everything together and hate being apart.”

So even if it’s not a wedding, let’s hope that they both live yappily ever after!


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