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UNP in turmoil at grassroots level: Abeygunawardene

The UNP is in turmoil at grassroots level and it is strange that the party leadership has not realised this, said Habaraduwa UNP chief organiser Chandralal Abeygunawardene.

Addressing a Jana Hamuwa held at Habaraduwa on June 13, he said UNPers who had manned polling booths for the last 22 years were in attendance at the Jana Hamuwa but as UNP organisers, they had not been able to provide jobs for them.

Abeygunawardene said five of his supporters were assaulted at Imaduwa during the Presidential Election but they were still languishing at home without jobs.

The six people who assaulted them have found employment in the Petroleum Corporation. He said even Joint Opposition supporters were gaining employment avenues today while UNP supporters were remaining unemployed today. If this trend continued, there would be a heavy explosion in the UNP rank and file soon, he said. 


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Agreed. Definitely party is looking after bribe givers and cross overs and not supporters. Result will be seen in any election. People are wondering what happened to Mr.Clean. Too late if the party wakes up even now.


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