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Elegance elevated

 Ekaterina Sergeeva, a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, delivered a flawless performance last Tuesday which was glorious. Ekaterina’s singing was second to none and she was simply dazzling. All those who attended the “Evening of Russian Songs, romances and live music” were thrilled by her vivacity and friendliness. Her personality came out in tangible ways making the evening memorable and sensational. Her performance celebrated the 60th anniversary of Russia- Sri Lanka diplomatic relationship. The evening was made possible through the efforts of the Russian Cultural Center in Colombo.

Technology and Research Minister Susil Premajayantha addressing the gathering.
Colombo Russian Centre Director Anastasia Khakhlova 

Ekaterina’s interaction with the crowd was certainly pleasing to see as she moved smoothly through the audience. In fact, possibly all who saw and heard her that evening may have wondered whether they would see this powerful singer again. A singer who was committed to that evening and dedicated to making the evening enjoyable for everyone involved!

Song after song, Ekaterina regaled us all with her dynamic character and charisma. Song after song she showed much energy and enthusiasm. Truly it was a night to remember. It was obvious that she too was excited and passionate performing to the crowd.

It was not only Ekaterina though. The four other gentleman who played their musical instruments alongside her cannot be forgotten. Their music and Ekaterina’s singing made the evening something special. The music these four performers churned out added so much to the event. They too performed with passion and showed such zeal. It was obvious that playing in Sri Lanka meant so much to them.

The joy on their faces and Ekaterina’s face showed their involvement in the event and how serious they were about their music. Let us all hope that one day we will see them again. The Wonderful Ekaterina and her ensemble.

“The bilateral relationship between the two countries can be seen in multiple spheres, one of which is cultural cooperation. This was highlighted by the recent visit by his Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena to Moscow. We are most pleased to hold this rare musical event. Nothing brings people closer quite like the Arts. It is full of passion, exquisite in its nature and complete in its form. Thus I am deeply convinced that events like this facilitate mutual understanding and further development of friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Russian and Sri Lanka. Events like this put a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of Russia. This is done by live music and songs,” said Russian Centre Director Anastasia Khakhlova

Russian Ambassador Alexander Karchava also expressed his deep pleasure and satisfaction at being present at the event.

“Russian Art and Culture is renowned throughout the world. Art and Culture are some of the greatest phenomena right in this world. I have no doubt that these days world renowned Russian Culture and Performing Arts, are precious. During my tenure in office, I have tried my best to introduce these performances here and we have been able to realise that goal today.

I am very happy tonight that you will enjoy music and singing of some of the finest Russian Performers who belong to the company of the world renowned Mariinsky Theatre, which is one of the most prestigious cultural centres. This musical ensemble is from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – St. Petersburg. Mariinsky Theatre is one of the most successful and reputed theatres in Russia. I invite all of you to enjoy good music and good singing,” said Karchava

Technology and Research Minister Susil Premajayantha said that he has first -hand experience of the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and the renowned Mariinsky Theatre.

“I had the opportunity to visit the city of Moscow with the president’s delegation in March.

We signed four agreements with our respective counterparts. I was able to sign another two agreements in the field of my portfolio.

One with the Samara State University and in the future, we hope that more Sri Lankan Scientists and Engineers will be sent to Samara for further training. And we plan to send a Nano-Satellite into orbit with the help of Samara University.

That is one of our dreams. I take this opportunity to thank his Excellency Alexander Karchava and all the officials for organising this event today to mark the 60th diplomatic relationships between Sri Lanka and Russia. I have had the opportunity to attend many of these events,” said Minister Premajayantha. 

Engaging with her fellow performer

Moving through the crowd

Ekaterina shows her pleasure. Pictures by Shan Rambukwella and Sulochana Gamage.



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