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Southern Expressway construction delayed due to unavailability of soil


Southern Expressway construction is delayed due to the unavailability of soil, Road Development Authority Chairman Nihal Sooriyarachchi said.

The Chairman said that the shortage of soil is due to the regulations imposed on soil mining and transportation.

Not only the Southern Expressway constructions, other construction sites are also hampered due to this situation, he said.

He said that measures were taken to solve this issue under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

“We have to pay close attention on possible threats which the environment could face by soil mining. To rectify this situation, a plan was launched to extract soil with least harm to the environment,” the Chairman said.

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Just import. Maybe from CHINA!

This is where we need to project our minds to the big picture when we plan mega building projects ..Where would we get the raw materials or the primary products needed in a country where the population is high and space is needed for simple living ..Are we not reckoning with the rural communities that would get displaced and disturbed if soil mining sand mining and mining for stones and grit takes place in their backyards .Are we displacing people when we buy their long held land for a project , the vulnerable that could be lured by the Giants walking into their midst promising their kids with easy money and jobs alien to their lineage in the future .What are we doing ?This is not racism or religious rivalry but simple lack of sensitivity and emotion at the drawing table ..sitting with investors before we sit with our own ..No news for it always happened that way and we thought it was the cold blooded foreigner ..ah well we do dole out charity after a disaster and look very compassionate the lament is how will the tourists get to the 6 star hotels ..may be they would enjoy the adventure of a dirt road unlike us ..

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