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Stick to your lane, Police caution motorists

 The lane laws stipulated in the Motor Traffic Act will be strictly implemented in and around Colombo from today, the Police announced yesterday.

City Traffic Director SP Sumith Nissanka said the drivers who break the lane laws will either be fined or produced before courts or directed to attend awareness raising classes conducted by the Police.

Addressing a press conference yesterday at the Information Department, he said a special operation will be launched from today in Colombo and main roads that leads to Colombo to apprehend those who break the lane laws.

“As of the Section 148 of Motor Traffic Act, changing lanes must be done in a manner that does not disturb the vehicular movement in other lanes. Most importantly, when there is queue of vehicles at traffic lights, the vehicles that come behind should not overtake them and park in a manner that blocks the vehicular movement of the opposite side. This is a common offense that we see today,” he said.

“When halting at the traffic lights, all the vehicles, including three wheelers and motorcycles, should not cross the demarcated line” he added. He said special teams will be deployed on High Level road, Havelock Road, Galle Road, Castle Street, Rajagiriya, Baseline Road and Panchikawatte Road to strictly implement the lane laws. He said about 600 mobile patrols will also be used for the purpose.


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It is very impoortant. the traffic police should not waste any time discussing !!!!! More time delayed to ticket is a sign of BRIBERRY or CORRUPTION !!!! If the traffic police feels there is a initiative the driver wants to BRIBE then there should be severe consequences to the driver !!! THIS IDEA OF BRIBBING AND CORRUPTIN SHOULD BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY !!! IF NOT THE LAW WILL NOT FUNCTION IN THIS COUNTRY ..... CORRUPTED OFFICERS SHOULD BE BANNED , STRICT ACTION TO BE TAKEN EVEN TO THE EXTENT OF THEM LOSING THEIR PENSION !!!!!!!!


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