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Plastic and polythene prohibited in Mihintalaya sacred site


The Poson Committee Chairman Anuradhapura District Secretary R.M. Wanninayake said that plastic and polythene will be prohibited in Mihinthalaya sacred area during the Poson Festival.

He stated the above statement during the National Poson festival committee meeting held at the Anuradhapura District Secretariat premises yesterday.

Wanninayake further said the government has put much importance on environmental protection at the 2324 National Poson Celebration, which will continue for one week.

The ‘Aloka Pooja’ organized by Lake House is a highlight in the National Poson Festival as well, he added. 


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Polythene litters spoil the beauty and health of srilanka. People beautiful woven bags for shoping earlier, lovely for the sight more importantly for environment. Shops should charge a fee for each bag to discourge this menace.


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