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Education Directors, Principals can decide on school closures

Provincial Education Directors, Zonal Education Directors and Principals in the areas affected by the bad weather have been granted permission to take decisions in closing or opening schools in their Education Zones, by the Education Ministry.

Meanwhile, on the advice of Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, principals have also been granted the power to decide on the functioning or closing of schools during the present inclement weather. According to the Minister, a principal is in the best position to judge to know whether conditions are right for a school to function or not.

However, owing to the bad weather, all schools in the Ratnapura and Niwithigala Education Zones will be closed today and tomorrow. Besides, most schools in the Kuruwita, Ahaliyagoda, Kiriella, Haldummulla, Niwithigala, Kalawana, Ayagam and Kahawatha areas will remain closed today.

Affected schools in the Kalutara district and parts of the Southern district will remain closed today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, Minister Kariyawasam has also requested a special report on school children affected by the flooding and landslide conditions.

Education Ministry officials are assigned to prepare the report and submit it to the Minister of Education as soon as possible. All affected school children will be supplied two uniforms each in order to facilitate the immediate participation of schools after they are reopened, it was also reported. 


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