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Set aside Poson ‘Amisa pooja’ funds for flood victims

It is most opportune for Buddhists to consider setting off a part of funds earmarked for “Amisa Pooja” on Poson Poya day to help people affected by floods and landslides opined the Mahanayake Theras of the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters. They said all people should display the traits of love and sympathy towards fellow men and rally round to help those affected by the recent disaster.

“Teachers off all religions had upheld assistance towards the destitute as a great act of merit. Instances where people had come forward to help those affected by various natural and other disasters are abound in our recent history,” the Mahanayake Theras stated.

“The fact that people displayed the same traits during the recent disaster was evident according to media reports. Therefore,it was proper for people to set off part of the funds earmarked for holding dansalas, erecting pandals and other acts of Amisa Pooja for forthcoming Poson festival

to help the people fallen distribute by the heavy rains and floods.


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I must praise both venerable for coming up with the idea.However to get our incompetant government to do somthing like this will not be possible.

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