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Sinister elements trying to disrupt country’s progress: Malwatte Chief Prelate

There is a sinister group of people in this country who come forward to oppose any country willing to extend a helping hand to Sri Lanka. They are only trying to disrupt development work by making false allegations that Sri Lanka will become a colony of India, China or America, said Most Ven. Tibbotuware Sri Siddahartha Sumangala Mahanayake Thera of the Malwatte Chapter.

“They are resorting to this lowly tactic despite realising that the country could not move forward without international assistance,”the Malwatte Mahanayake Thera said.

The Mahanayake Thera expressed these sentiments delivering an Anusasana when former Minister M.M. Athaulla called on him at his Aramaya in Kandy and received his blessings on May 19.

The Chief Prelate said whenever a foreign country volunteered to assist Sri Lanka this group started criticising it without allowing things to happen and giving a little time to see whether such assistance was detrimental to the country or not.

The Malwatte Cheif Prelate said the Maha Sangha would never remain silent if any damage or disaster was caused to the country and people.

The Chief Prelate who said that certain politicians were sowing the seeds of communalism taking cover behind harmony and reconciliation added that this programme to achieve petty political gain should be defeated at all costs.

Referring to allegations that certain politicians were acquiring places of archaeological and religions value in the North East and levelling them to build roads, the Malwatte Chief Prelate said that these things were done to cater to the needs of politicians rather than people at large.

“The urgent need if the hour for all to unite and wish together to develop the nation,” the Chief Prelate said.

Former Minister M.M. Athaulla said a certain group was trying to disrupt national unity by setting up the Sinhalese against the Muslim community.

He said a conspiracy was in operation to amalgamate the North and East by getting Muslims to lose confidence in the Sinhalese by inducing Muslims to think that Tamils were better and more trustworthy than the Sinhalese. 


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