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Muslim MPs to meet President ,PM to stop BBS campaign

Muslim Parliamentarians in the Government have collectively decided to meet the President and Prime Minister to urge immediate intervention of the two leaders to stop the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) campaign that instigates communal tensions.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, UNP MP M.H.M.Navavi said they hope to hand over a letter signed by all Muslim Parliamentarians to the President today seeking an appointment with him as the President was to leave for Australia on Tuesday.

“The Muslim Parliamentarians are a real clout in Parliament as we have a representation of about 10 percent. If no action is taken we will be forced to take stern decisions” he said.

“Muslims in large numbers voted for the President and the Government expecting that the problems faced by them would ease, but contrarily things are getting out of hand now” he said also adding that the Jumma Mosque in Mallawapitiya, Kurunegala had come under attack by an unidentified group on Saturday night. The MP, who was travelling to Mallawapitiya, said he would meet with the Kurunegala District DIG and discuss measures to maintain security in the area.

The MP stated the BBS led by Ven. Ganasara Thera are trying to create unnecessarily problems to detach the Muslim people from the President and the Government. “The idea behind all these is to topple the Government and theres is nothing else,” Navavi said.

UNP MP Mujibar Rahuman said mob attacks on Muslim religious places and shops have increased lately. He said within the past week four mosques and 5-6 shops have been attacked. He said a shop in Elpitiya had come under arson attack on Saturday night.

“We demand the Government to implement the law against the culprits behind these incidents” he said.


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