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House followed procedure in compliance with Constitution, elections law: Speaker

Court ruling on Geetha’s Parliamentary seat:

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya yesterday stated that Parliament followed the normal procedure in compliance with the Constitution and elections law when conveying the Appeal Court ruling disqualifying MP Geetha Kumarasinghe from holding a seat in Parliament, to the Elections Commission.

The Speaker’s Media Division issuing a press release said there had been no undue urgency or delay by Parliament in making this communication.

The release was in reply to various statements that the Speaker’s move to inform the Elections Commission over the court ruling disqualifying MP Geetha Kumarainsghe was faulty and that he has acted on the agenda of the Government.

“When a seat in Parliament falls vacant due to some reason, informing that to the Elections Commission immediately is a task assigned to the Secretary General of Parliament,” the release stated.It clarified that the ruling regarding Geetha Kumarasinghe’s Parliamentary seat was conveyed to the Speaker on May 3 and after consulting the Attorney General, it was referred to the Elections Commission by the Secretary General of Parliament on May 8 for further action.

“The relevant ruling had not been subjected to any reconsideration or stay by any superior court up to that point,” the release explained.

“Thus, we point out that any claim by any party that informing the Elections Commission about the ruling was faulty and that the Speaker has acted on the agenda of the government, is a total distortion of facts or one made out of ignorance.” The Speaker in the communiqué further reiterated his commitment to protect the rights of all Parliamentarians. 




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