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SAITM will have to be closed: Minister Zoysa

If protestors reject President’s solutions:

The SAITM will have to be closed if the solutions given by President Maithripala Sirisena are not accepted by the protestors, Irrigation and Water Resources Management Minister Vijith Vijayamuni Zoysa said. He made this observation at yesterday’s press conference at the Irrigation and Water Resources Management Ministry auditorium in response to questions raised by media personnel.

He also said that not only the SAITM, but the private hospitals, private schools and other private education institutions should be closed down if the protestors stand against the President’s solutions and the court orders in this regard.

Minister Zoysa also said that the private practice of the doctors should also be stopped and they should work at hospitals at night too.

He added that the Police had to use minimum force against the protestors as they acted against the court order and also were protesting against an institution established under existing law. 



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Close everything private, SAITM as well as GMOA protestors private practice. Foolish GMOA sabotages profession as the committee funding comes from hidden sources. TU secy. is full on rebel, has no clinical obligations. June elections should expunge them. Submitting another false accusatory document to yet another minister in fear of "Fonseka threat" Another SLMC Fonseka threat was released yesterday that doctors cant register without A/L credits. Will the former GMOA secy. be knocked off register as unfit. SLMC does not know what it is to pass or fail exams., specially corrupt A/L. Credits, distinctions, gold medals are additions. Does the medical ordinance command this. Can challenge SLMC decisions in courts of justice if cause chaos. Malice breeds everlasting and unending malice. Why don't they register legal SAITM MBBS without dumping both illegal ERPM and impossible unprecedented doctor clerking in GMOA hospitals. Only weird deans not in hospitals desperately suggest this as they have lost control of their own students.

Whether SAITM closes or has a 90% failure rate of MBBS at ERPM/Act16 which SLMC deans deviously proposed and the govt. unknowingly and ignorantly considered, both will lead to the same end. SAITM MBBS has to by legal verdict have internship training to practice. It is ILLEGAL for locals to sit ERPM legalized for foreign medical graduates. Also GMOA has no place for doctor clerking in govt. hospitals. If SAITM completes legally approved curriculum and exams. of MBBS, SLMC has to send on to internship. SLMC must accept passing an A/L exam and not ask for kindergarten and 5th grade for doctors to practice. If fascist SLMC is looking for any and every obstruction for medical competition, where is the honesty?

The whole base is the medical mafia does not want its members to be increased. The reason is there is a competition among them for private practice. They poison their own colleagues water tanks to destroy their competitor for private practice. If private practice is banned for ordinary government doctors except for consultants then they will ask for more SAITMs and there would not be many failures in ERPM. I think the authorities should consider ban on private practice private schools private tution and close Saitm.


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