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Drains in Kataragama clogged with refuse

The drain complex in the Kataragama town is clogged with refuse creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes and insects, Abinawarama Viharadipthi Kataragama Chief Adikarana Sanghanayaka Ven. Kapugama Saranatissa Thera said.

The Thera said the unbearable stench emanating from the drain complex keep away devotees from the shrines.

He said thousands visit the Kataragama town daily, and they would contract fatal illnesses due to the unhygienic situation in the town.

The Thera blames the Kataragama Pradesheeya Sabha for the present plight of the drain complex. He said traders complain that they lose sales since their customers now go to the Tissamaharama town for goods.

Kataragama Pradesheeya Sabha Secretary K.L.A.L. Jayatillaka said the refuse water does not flow through the drain complex, He said the system comes under the Road Development Authority and they have to take steps to clean up the complex.

He said the drain complex lacks concrete slabs and garbage falls into the drains obstructing the flow of refuse water. The traders themselves put garbage into the drain complex making matters worse, he said. 



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