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Civil security service providers should be regulated: Fonseka

Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said a proper methodology has to be formulated to turn civil security service providers into professional organisations.

The minister was delivering the keynote address at the Sri Lanka Security Service Providers’ Association CEO’s Forum held yesterday in Colombo.

Sri Lanka has a large number of private civil security service providing companies. Most of them engage in providing security to private and government organisations. These companies have to be regulated to ensure that they provide a quality service to the public, he said.

He said security personnel in private and government firms have to provide a standard service for them to gain more job recognition. They have to be more disciplined, punctual and ready to face any situation at any time, he said.

“Their major objective is to protect civilians and organisations. First of all, they have to identify the needs of the people to serve them better. Training is very crucial aspect for the security service providing industry. Most of the security guards do not have practical knowledge to tackle difficult situations,” the minister said.

He said they have to be provided with practical knowledge according to the field they work in. Private firms have to be careful when recruiting security guards as some of them have connections with the underworld.

“The security guards’ basic requirements have to be fulfilled to get a better service from them. A conducive environment should be created for them to perform their duties well,” the minister said.


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